Today’s Shopping Landscape: Strategies for the Changing Consumer Journey

  • SHOPPER 2023

At ARF SHOPPER 2023, which took place in Chicago and virtually on March 9, the industry’s leading marketers and retailers came together to explore the latest research-based consumer insights, and how they are using this data to understand today’s shoppers, build innovative experiences and brand loyalty. Attendees learned about consumer behavioral shifts, how retail media networks are gaining traction in digital marketing strategies, and the latest shopping trends.

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The Knowledge Center provides secondary research services for ARF and ARF-MSI members on a broad range of topics. Last year, we answered 466 member questions dealing with issues in marketing, advertising, media, consumer, research and business. Our marketer members continue to be our heaviest users, but we also saw growth in usage from our media and research members. This FAQ provides an overview of some of the most popular topics alongside examples of member questions. Please note that ARF Knowledge Center research reports are available to ARF and ARF-MSI members only.

What Does AI Mean for Advertising Research?


We’ve all heard about the growing use of artificial intelligence in advertising research and doom and gloom predictions that it will knock out jobs, but is this really the case? Agency leaders joined us for an ARF Town Hall to discuss the upsides and possible downsides of generative AI, as well as how they’re utilizing it in their businesses to boost efficiency. Attendees heard predictions on how AI will change the business model of advertising and what it could mean for media agencies.

Covid-19 Impact by Category: An Age-Period-Cohort Analysis

  • MSI

Lockdowns and other widespread Covid-19 disruptions caused significant changes in buyer behaviors. For instance, it was a major catalyst in shifting buying behavior from in-store to online. With the pandemic receding, how can we know which trends may persist and for which categories, and which might drop off? Since all consumers were affected, no untreated experiment control group exists. However, one strategy could prove fruitful, age-period-cohort (APC) analyses. APCs offer an alternative way to analyze changes in consumer behavior before and after the pandemic.

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