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Do Multicultural Audiences Watch TV Differently than Whites Do?

  • J. P. James (Salem State University); Tyrha M. Lindsey-Warren (Baylor University)

For decades, researchers and media planners have argued whether television-audience measurement has kept pace with the nation’s increasing diversity. Citing differences in triggers between Asians, Blacks, Hispanics, and Whites that lead to greater or less TV consumption, this study calls for a measurement standard that incorporates the multiculturalism of the audience, programming genre, technology use, and demographics.

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Are Black Media Overly Targeted to Black Audiences?

  • Morgan E. Ellithorpe, Michael Hennessy, Amy Bleakley

While movies and TV programs with predominantly Black casts tend to be targeted to Black audiences, they often reach a broader audience. This study examines how Black and White teens perceive Black-oriented content. It found differences that suggest changes in how Black-oriented content is marketed.

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Does Brand Equity Matter to Financial Services Brands?

  • Anne Rivers, Managing Director, BAV Group

How can financial services brands can break away from the relatively low value associated with the financial category overall? Raising the salience of key factors – from customer care to friendliness to being straightforward – can create valuable emotional commitment that financial services brands can bank on to raise their brand equity and, thereby, their success.

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Connecting Across Generations

  • John Cora, VP, Sales Research, Forecasting & Measurement, Disney|ABC; Sarah Gardiner, VP, Research & Strategy, Insight Strategy Group; Jonathan Steuer, CRO, Omnicom Media Group

What if your advertising and content could appeal to your core target — and connect with other audiences as well? This research shows what unites consumers across generations today, identifying five trends that recognize consumers’ anxiety, moods, and values. The findings offer guidance to marketers and content producers who want develop messaging that resonates deeply and broadly.

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Marketing to Hispanics

Marketers have become increasingly aware of how important it is to understand the characteristics and dynamics of the Hispanic market – the fastest growing segment of the U.S. population. But what are the Hispanic segment’s media behavior and ad receptivity?

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