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Findings from the 3rd Annual Privacy Study


One of our most anticipated studies of the year, in addition to questions about online shopping, mobile device and PC use, and willingness to share digital data, this year’s survey included a number of COVID-19 related inquiries. These included questions about trust, privacy, a willingness to divulge geolocation data and much more.

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The Myth of Targeting Loyal, Niche Audiences

  • Harsh Taneja (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

With unlimited consumer choices in the digital marketplace, advertisers often turn away from websites with mass appeal and toward niche outlets, for their small, but potentially loyal audiences. Such a strategy is actually unwise, diminishing reach, according to evidence from a study analyzing double-jeopardy effects in digital media usage.

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A Conversation with Gen Z (Event Summary)


In this thought-provoking salon series event, attendees got to know the inner workings of the Gen Z mindset from four professionals and one NYU student. The conversation lead to some surprising places. Speakers talked about how COVID-19 affected their work and lent advice to the younger members of their generation. They talked about the need to be authentic and to personalize ads and make them relevant to users, especially in the social media space, and even gave insights into the online shopping behaviors of this, our most tech savvy generation.  Editor’s Note: The full summary is available to members only.

Appeal Predicts Gay Inclusive-Ad Outcomes

  • Bradley J. Bond and Justine Rapp Farrell (both at University of San Diego)

When gay couples are featured in an ad, advertising appeal can be more important than sexual orientation in predicting consumer behavior—specifically with intentions to purchase and recommend a brand or product—according to research at the University of San Diego.

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What Drives Media Users to Multitask?

  • Helen R. Robinson and Stavros P. Kalafatis, both at Kingston Business School

Given the prevalence  of multi-tasking among media users, planning multimedia advertising campaigns is more complex than ever. This study introduces a typology that identifies three types of multimedia users, each with its own distinct patterns. Practitioners can use this tool to increase the accuracy of targeting in an otherwise elusive digital native audience.

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Precision Marketing for Precision Medicine (Event Summary)


This webcast presented by W2O Group brought together experts from Swoop and IPM.ai, Takeda and Twitter Client Solutions – Health to discuss some of the new methods and technologies that are making precision marketing possible for health care companies—especially the use of clinical and claims data to identify and target both HCPs and consumers with relevant marketing while protecting patient privacy and HIPAA compliance.  Editor’s Note: The full summary is available to members only.

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Shifting the Perception of Aging Today (Event Summary)


At this virtual Salon, Barbara Shipley from AARP and Andrew Delaney from Getty Images discussed their initiative to encourage advertisers to avoid stereotypes in the portrayal of the 50+ population in ads. Tiffanie Papp from P&G/SeeMe Beauty shared why it is important for SeeMe Beauty to create ads that resonate with 50+ consumers.

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