Past Event Highlights

Video Games, Livestreams, and Community: Understanding the Experiences of Diverse Gamers

On September 13, 2022, experts from Twitch, sparks & honey and MediaCom U.S. discussed the triumphs and challenges diverse communities in gaming are facing today. Although diversity in gaming has seen improvements in recent years, there is still work to be done. This event explored the role advertisers can play in making gaming and livestreaming even more inclusive. Panelists shared what brands can do to make a meaningful impact.

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ATTENTION METRICS: Moving from Laboratory to Field Applications

On September 12, the ARF and Adelaide co-hosted an event to deepen understanding around how attention metrics work, how to utilize them and the nuances of their application to media and advertising quality measurement. Attention Economy experts from Adelaide, Anheuser-Busch InBev, the ARF, The Attention Council, Havas Media Group, OMD USA, Realeyes and TVision hosted shared presentations and held focused discussions on how attention metrics can optimize the match between media placement and consumer targets, improve creative testing and overall campaign outcomes, and more.

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Inclusive Innovation: Transformative Insights for a New Era

  • Author: Charlotte Lipman, Associate Director, Primary Research & Insights, DIRECTV / YPAB Member

On August 17, Young Pros across the industry reunited in-person for the first time in two years at the VMLY&R offices in New York City for an evening of knowledge sharing, thoughtful discussion, and networking. “Inclusive Innovation: Transformative Insights for a New Era” inspired attendees to bring meaningful change back to their organizations. Carrie Patterson Reed, Executive Director of VMLY&R’s Research Studio, Jessica Kukreti, Managing Director VMLY&R and Amber Chenevert, PhD Managing Director Strategy & Insights and Culture Studio Lead, VMLY&R shared how designing inclusive research, thinking critically by considering bias and allowing ourselves to be uncomfortable all have the power to transform and drive solutions for the good of business and society. One key takeaway – always ask questions. Young pros then turned insight into action by participating in a workshop that asked teams to rethink how each phase of an ad campaign can incorporate diversity, equity, and inclusion.

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New Lenses on Brand Identity

  • Summary by Hannah Stone (Verizon), Young Pros Officer

This ARF Cognition Council event explored how brands can improve consumers’ perceptions of their pro-social messaging based on insights from fresh analyses of data from a variety of sources. Experts from Ipsos, Dartmouth College and Research Measurement Technologies shed light on a diverse range of research on ways that brands can convey pro-social messages in their advertising.

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Conversations with Great Minds: Great Mind Awards 2022

Conversations with Great Minds gathered two of the 2022 Great Mind Award winners, Martin Renaud, winner of the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Award, and Dr. Duane Varan, winner of the Erwin Ephron Demystification Award, for one-on-one interviews that profile their individual approaches to effective research in advertising.

ARF Women in Analytics: Mentorship Program Launch

  • Women in Analytics

On August 2, 2022, mentors and mentees attended a Mentorship Program Launch event with Neha Bhargava –Advertising Research Director at Meta, and Annabel Jack – Founder at Mentor for Growth, who shared best practices about how to make the most out of your mentorship experience. Then Jamie Thomas – Co-Founder of Cophi, explained the methodology behind the values survey and how and why pairs were matched.

Virtual Reality: Is It Real This Time?

  • Summary by Amy Laine, IBM, ARF Social Council Chair

With the development of emerging technologies like Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) in recent years, changes to the advertising and marketing landscapes have followed. Experts from Meta, Snap, Inc. and Influencer joined the Social Council on July 27 to demonstrate what this exciting new medium looks like and expound on what it can do for brands.

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