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Practical Tips for Keeping Your Career On-Track in a Virtual World

  • Event Summary by Tiffany Ihle, Director of Consumer Insights, Gamut Media

Workplace dynamics have shifted post-pandemic and a lot of what was once thought to be temporary is now a much more permanent part of corporate culture. The ARF Young Pros community has expressed interest in understanding how to keep their career from stalling in this [new] virtual world while navigating the changing environment and remaining on track with goal setting, management, organizational restructure, seeking out opportunities and promotions.

At this Young Pros event, these topics were discussed with a panel of industry leaders, leaving Young Pros with great advice that can be applied immediately across any role.

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The Shopping Revolution — What’s Next? (Event Summary)


At SHOPPERxSCIENCE 2021, experts presented a framework to use to create a competitive retail environment. Attendees heard the latest research and insights to effectively maneuver the changing shopping landscape. Enjoy this brief recap of the event – including the latest research and insights to keep your business and brand successful.

Key takeaways, the full event video, and presentations are available for ARF members:

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Apple IDFA & Google FLoC: How Tracking Changes Will Impact You (Event Summary)


Earlier this year, Google announced they plan to stop individual ad tracking. Apple is also altering the landscape of the advertising ecosystem with its iOS 14 IDFA (Identifier for Advertisers) update. Ad targeting, personalization, measurement and fraud detection are predicted to be negatively impacted and the implications — and potential revenue loss — for brands, ad networks, publishers are huge.

At this Insights Studio: Member Broadcast, OptiMine, Havas Media and CIMM discussed exactly how Google and Apple’s changes will impact you and why they matter, how brands should think about future-proofing their advertising measurement in an environment of increased data privacy and strategies for future success.


Matt Voda — CEO, OptiMine
Sargi Mann  — EVP, Digital Strategy, Havas Media
Moderator: Jane Clarke  — CEO, Managing Director, CIMM

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A Peek Inside the Brain – Behavioral Scientist Rory Sutherland Weighs In On Creative (Event Summary)


This is the third in a series of “Happy Hour” events produced by the Creative Council on bringing researchers, creatives, and strategists closer together. Rory Sutherland, a strong proponent of behavioral science, shared his perspective on the ways that behavioral science thinking can potentially unlock solutions to creative and marketing problems that might not be apparent to “rational” business thinkers.

In Sutherland’s eyes, behavioral science can offer “magical” marketing solutions.  This is an opportune moment for behavioral science.  The pandemic, Sutherland believed, has turned every business question into a behavioral science question (“What will people do? And how can you encourage them to do things differently?”), because all decisions based on prior experience or prior practice may no longer serve as useful guides.

His key theme is that human beings have not evolved to “respond to facts or objective qualities,” but to “meaning,” which is “context-dependent.”  Meaning determines what we buy, rather than objective qualities.  In an expansive presentation on this theme, followed by questions from two Creative Council moderators and attendees, he noted a number of memorable examples and shared trenchant insights about marketing on a wide range of topics, from evolutionary psychology to innovation to the role of government to the appropriate messaging on COVID.

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ARF Town Hall: Ad Measurement’s New Identity Challenge (Event Summary)

The ARF convened this Virtual Town Hall to explore the advertising ecosystem’s response to the demise of Android-supported third-party cookies at the end of 2021 and the identity-challenging tracking restrictions Apple has put into place.

The Town Hall featured three presentations from different perspectives: Charles Ping, Managing Director, EMEA, Winterberry Group; Jamie Seltzer, Global Managing Director, MarTech and Data Strategy, Havas Media Group; and Mainak Mazumdar, Chief Data and Research Officer, Nielsen.

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