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Novel Approach Improves Marketing Survey Data Accuracy


How can advertisers, media companies and market researchers acquire highly accurate consumer survey data, in order to make informed business decisions, without depleting their budget? Sure, everyone would like to utilize probability sampling, but the cost is out of reach for most. However, non-probability, opt-in, online samples are nowhere near as accurate.

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Experts Share New Shopper Marketing Approaches


Shopper marketing change is rampant! The good news: disruption is creating opportunities – not just challenges – and the industry is responding with new approaches to increase market share and revenue.

Learn how leading brands and other experts are engaging consumers and building growth in this 2019 ARF SHOPPERxSCIENCE event summary.

Will the TV Upfronts Survive?


How long will TV networks’ annual efforts to attract ad dollars, the “Upfronts,” continue to reign as the most important revenue-generating events of the year? Learn what agency and TV and measurement company executives shared about changes in Upfront marketplace effectiveness and how they predicted buying behavior will evolve.

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Luminaries Discuss Optimizing the Customer Experience


The Advertising Research Foundation (ARF) held a critical, one-day event in New York City during Ad Week, to investigate one of the most crucial factors in business today—optimizing the customer experience. It is critical for brand success. There were thought-provoking presentations by luminaries in the field. Speakers from Ben & Jerry’s, Levi’s, Salesforce, Kantar, CBS and more, shared their insights. Here are just a couple of the topics covered. Here are just a couple of the topics covered.

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2019 ARF David Ogilvy Awards Gala

The ARF David Ogilvy Awards is the only award show that honors the research-and analytics-driven insights that lead to successful ad campaigns. Congratulations to the 2019 Grand Ogilvy Award winner, IHOP Restaurants, and all the other winners of gold, silver and bronze awards.

Reducing Time to Insight Through AI

  • Ben Royce, Head of Performance Data Science, Global Agency, Google.
  • Based on the ARF 11/8/18 Leadership Lab

Where is Google focusing its AI efforts in advertising? What learnings have emerged from their work? Find out what Ben Royce, Head of Performance Data Science, Global Agency, at Google shared on these topics.

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