Past Event Highlights

Navigating the Road to Cross-Platform Measurement (Event Summary)

At the ARF’s Insights Studio on Navigating the Road to Cross-Platform Measurement, Nielsen provided details about Nielsen ONE, and how this solution enables marketers to gain visibility into total video consumption regardless of platform or device. The panel discussed the challenges of cross-platform measurement, including the decreasing reliance on cookies and the importance of consumer privacy and consent.

2nd Annual State of the Research and Analytics Disciplines 2021


This ARF Analytics Council event presented insights from The Organizational Benchmark Survey on the current state of advertising research and analytics. ARF members were provided the opportunity to gain rich insights from this survey taken by more than 400 ARF members.

The survey results offered a look into the types of skills, tools and techniques currently in demand, the degree to which spending on market research and analytics has changed since the first Organizational Benchmark Survey in 2019, and how the pandemic is still shaping the market research and analytics professions.

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Apple ATT is Now Live. How are Brands Being Impacted, and What is the Path Forward?

Matt Voda, CEO of OptiMine, returned to the Insights Studio, on Oct. 5 to revisit the topic of Apple’s ATT changes and the impact they’re having on the measurement ecosystem. Matt provided an overview of Apple’s ATT changes from May 2021, with a focus on what changed, why and when. Given Apple’s impact—tracking going dark, rising CPMs and measurement holes—what are brands seeing? With tracking and privacy changing expected to move forward, how likely are they to impact brands even more? In terms of a path forward, what are practical steps to address the changes and determine a future-proof framework for brands in this new era of privacy?

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Balancing Personalization and Data Privacy for Optimal Customer Experience (Event Summary)

Marketers currently face a daunting paradox: 91% of US consumers say they are more likely to shop with brands that provide personalized offers and recommendations; meanwhile, 81% of respondents say the potential risks of data collection by companies outweigh the benefits.

This leaves marketers to thread a delicate balance – provide customers with a personalized experience and ensure that their data is secure and being used responsibly.

During this Insights Studio event, HawkPartners shared a blueprint for brands to follow when balancing these issues, and industry leaders from tech and healthcare shared best practices in how they balance these marketing priorities.


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Values in Advertising or the Content Around It, Part I (Event Summary)

  • By Alex Poppen, Ipsos

The ARF Cognition Council presented their work on altruistic advertising and brand safety, with fresh investigations from Twitter and members of the Council. This research highlighted characteristics of altruistic creative assets, public attitudes about brands’ embrace of social causes, and the impact of social values and controversial content on attention, engagement, and advertising outcomes.

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Young Pros: Monthly Meet-Up (October Event Summary)


ARF Young Pros 2021 Meet-Up Program introduces Young Pros to industry leaders and fellow research professionals in an environment built for networking. At this event, Veronica Hernandez, Product Manager, Inclusion Analytics at Nielsen and 2021 ARF Great Mind Awards “Young Pro of the Year Award” winner gave us a glimpse into her career, talked successes and challenges, and shared tips specifically for Young Pros.

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How to Manage Content Across Platforms


Outside of premium video, a different set of attributes are required according to the platform. Individual talent needs to speak differently on Twitter versus Facebook versus Instagram. At the ARF session at Advertising Week New York 2021, Radha Subramanyam, Ph.D., President and Chief Research and Analytics Officer at CBS Corporation, shared how she and her team use data to inform what works best on a variety of platforms. Radha was interviewed by Brian Steinberg, Sr. TV Editor at Variety.

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