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OTTxSCIENCE 2021: Streaming in the New Media Landscape: What’s Next? (Event Summary)

OTTxSCIENCE, held on October 26-27, 2021, presented the latest research-based insights about viewers’ use of streaming services, providers’ strategies to reach and captivate those viewers, and the role of advertising on CTV/OTT platforms. Attendees learned about the evolving AVOD vs. SVOD landscape, advances in measurement as well as fraud detection. Experts explored data on the latest trends, the drivers of viewing behavior and the future of OTT. See the 2021 highlights:

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Navigating The Messy Middle: The Great Resignation (Event Summary)

  • by Sanyu Lubogo, Spotify
  • Cultural Effectiveness Council

On Nov. 9, 2021, the third installment of the ARF Cultural Effectiveness Council’s Navigating the Messy Middle series examined how media, marketing, and research teams are facing capacity issues due to record departures, and how many Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion efforts (DEI) are likely to shift as a result.

Led by the ARF Cultural Effectiveness Council Co-Chair’s Janelle James, a dynamic discussion took place with our self-nicknamed (learn about them in the recording) guests Pepper Miller “Black Cultural Activist,” Founder & President of Hunter Miller Group, Joanna Lara “The Igniter,” US Multicultural Brand Partner & Strategy Lead at Google and Co-Founder of Latinos in Tech, and Carla Ebola “Mrs. KPI” EVP, DEI Lead at Energy BBDO.

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The Future of TV — New Insights and Key Issues for 2022 (Event Summary)

  • L.A. Council

The latest LA Media Research Council event, “The Future of TV — New Insights and Key Issues for 2022”, took place on December 8, 2021. As with all LA Council events, it was focused on issues that Council members have identified as priorities for their companies and the media industry.

The (virtual) meeting featured a summary of insights on Council priority issues from 2021 research, three presentations on new studies and a discussion to help identify research priorities for 2022.

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Modern Leadership: New Skills for a New Era (Event Summary)


At this ARF Women in Analytics, Alexandra Samuel, co-author of Remote, Inc.: How to Thrive at Work…Wherever You Are, drew on her extensive remote work research and experience to share how to build an organizational model and culture that enables employees to shift between lively collaboration and focused solo work. Industry leaders also discussed their leadership principles and how they have adjusted their management styles to match the new work reality. Attendees were given the opportunity to comment on what they heard and share their experiences.

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Consumer Behavioral Shifts: Why Your Marketing Measurement Must Adapt in 2022 and Beyond (Event Summary)

  • Insights Studio

Consumer behaviors have changed dramatically creating new challenges for brands and their marketing measurement. During this Insights Studio, we explored the measurement challenges brands have faced in the wake of significant consumer changes. We also discussed best practices brands should be using to ensure their marketing measurement is set up for future success as consumers continue to react to major societal change.

Executives from OptiMine, an agile marketing analytics provider, Kepler, a global digital agency, and Beachbody, an innovative health and fitness company, shared their observations on how changes in consumer shopping and media consumption behaviors have been reflected in marketing measurement.

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