Past Event Summaries

Tips on Succeeding in the Changing Research Ecosystem

  • Based on the ARF 5/19 Women in Analytics

The Women in Analytics May 22, 2019, event focused on “The New Researcher.” Four speakers offered unique perspectives on two aspects of evolution required to navigate the changing ecosystem successfully: how to organize your team to meet new demands and what leadership skills are needed to succeed and ways to develop them. Read more.

Reducing Time to Insight Through AI

  • Ben Royce, Head of Performance Data Science, Global Agency, Google.
  • Based on the ARF 11/8/18 Leadership Lab

Where is Google focusing its AI efforts in advertising? What learnings have emerged from their work? Find out what Ben Royce, Head of Performance Data Science, Global Agency, at Google shared on these topics.

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Basic Methods and Uses of AI in Advertising

  • Paul Donato, Chief Research Officer, The ARF and Henry G. Wolf VII, Sr. Data Scientist.
  • Based on the ARF 11/8/18 Leadership Lab

Interested in AI best practices? Wish you had a succinct definition of what AI does? Curious about a simple visual that explains the ability of five different levels of AI to tackle tasks? Want to understand better how machine learning differs from deep AI-powered learning?

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Four Tips to Boost Ad Attentiveness

  • Mike Follett, Managing Director at Lumen Research

The eyes have it! An eye tracking company’s analysis of thousands of viewable impressions, accompanied by a client case study, yielded four insights that can boost digital display advertising attentiveness and gave evidence that lifting attentiveness positively impacts sales. That’s nothing to blink at.

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