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Get the Intel on Artificial Intelligence

Some say Artificial Intelligence is a broad field that includes everything from simple if-then rules for playing Checkers to complex ensembles of deep neural networks for piloting autonomous vehicles. In marketing, AI is a term that is applied to several very different techniques and functions. However, the bigger questions are: how do you best implement AI and what are the commercial solutions?

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Deriving Social Insights by Mining Meta Data

  • Preriit Souda, Consultant, Data Science & Strategic Insights, Independent

How sad to get only a fraction of the available insights from social media! You can change that by using a new approach to link a range of data related to social posts, thereby generating more information about your followers’ attitudes, behaviors, and experiences.

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How AI & ML Are Being Used Now

  • Joan FitzGerald, Data ImpacX; Hillary Haley, RPA; Anita Lynch, Disney|ABC Television Group; Alice Sylvester, Sequent Partners; and Audrey Thompson, Oracle Data Cloud

Hot terms or hotly contested terms? Although “artificial intelligence” and “machine learning” (aka AI and ML) are increasingly part of the marketing conversation, experts debate about how extensively they are being used today. See how leading marketers, agencies and researchers define AI and ML and how they are currently applying these concepts to drive business.

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Improving Consumer Profiles with Data Signals

  • John Gim – SVP, Advanced Analytic Solutions, RAPP; David Popkin – Head of Data Strategy for Brands, LiveRamp

Addressable consumer profiles across media. Actionable data. Connected technology. LiveRamp and RAPP offer suggestions on how to leverage these inputs, using signals from a range of sources including location, transactional and online behavioral data to create more robust consumer/customer profiles and segments that lead to better outcomes.

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Improving Targeting with Data-Based Advertising

  • Mike Rosen, EVP, Advanced Advertising and Platform Sales

What did NBCUniversal do to leverage data that will inform targeting and encourage better buying decisions? See the steps they took to change the game, which involved using set top box and other relevant data, upending internal practices, incorporating an optimization tool and more … and illustrated with a financial services client case study

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Measuring the High Consideration Customer

  • Cree Lawson, CEO of Arrivalist

Is there a better way to measure the digital behavior of consumers considering a complex or expensive purchase and improve outcomes going forward? Measurement company Arrivalist shared techniques they have used successfully, illustrated with six case studies. Their work has application for both considered and impulse purchase brands.

Location Analytics Improve Bank Marketing Strategies

  • V. Marastoni-Bieser, VP, Marketing, Cuebiq; J. Cheris, VP of Business Intelligence, Sterling National Bank; C. La Sala, Director, Retail Bank & Mortgage Decision Mgt., Citibank

Location analytics can help banks better map and measure the consumer journey. But how many banks – and other marketers – capitalize on them? Research from mobility and location intelligence company Cuebiq offers suggestions that can power bank marketing to a new level and provides guidance to all who seek to cash in on using location analytics to improve marketing outcomes.

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