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The ARF’s 2021 Research Agenda

ARF research initiatives tackle the industry’s most pressing questions. So where can you find this year’s itinerary? Announcing the 2021 research agenda. Projects include: assessing whether brand loyalty is still the norm, examining privacy issues—including those related to COVID, exploring changes in organizations’ research and analytics functions, investigating the sharing of streaming service passwords and how viewers use the apps, recording and evaluating how brands handled 2020 and the impact of those decisions, and much, much more.

How Researchers Can Learn from Recent Political Polling Challenges (Event Summary)

  • LA Council

This event was suggested by the ARF’s LA Media Research Council in the aftermath of the poor performance of last November’s election polls.  Council members felt that the discussions about polling could impact trust in consumer and media research and that we should explore what research suppliers are doing to implement Best Practices.

Research Quality has always been a key issue for the ARF. Most recently, an ARF event about the November polls found that while some issues are unique to political polling, many impact all survey research, for example, obtaining representative samples while response rates are declining, validity of responses, and predicting behavior and attitude trends.

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Briggs Nov20 Forecast

  • Rex Briggs
  • Marketing Evolution

At our recent ARF DATAXSCIENCE event entitled, “The Future of Forecasting,” Rex Briggs of Marketing Evolution gave a fascinating presentation with recommendations on how businesses should conduct their affairs in Q1- Q3 of 2021. “Throughout my career in marketing research,” Briggs said, “I’ve made it a point to study the research designs and analytic techniques of other fields, particularly health care.” Briggs’s unique, cross-discipline approach revealed some fascinating predictions about the end of the pandemic, consumer behavior in the recovery and even some insights into the nature of research and forecasting itself.

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Take the 2nd Annual ARF Organizational Benchmark Survey

  • ARF

The Organizational Benchmark Survey was developed to examine the dramatic changes taking place in advertising and marketing research organizations in recent years. Developed by the ARF Analytics Council, last year’s survey produced a set of reports covering the advertiser, agency, research company, media & entertainment and consultancy sectors. The ARF also released access to the raw data for members to interrogate themselves via our interface. (Note, you must download the free Tableau reader before doing so. Find instructions on how to do so here). These reports and the database have been helpful to members in understanding how their organization compares to others in their sector, with respect to management of the insights and data analytics functions.

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Inside the Journal of Advertising Research — Sixes, A.I. and Media Metrics (Event Summary)


At this Insights Studio, a global panel synthesized their work published in the Journal of Advertising Research on creative strategies for six-second video ads, radio ad-avoidance measures, facial coding analysis of ad sharing, and TV ad effectiveness. Creative trends, generational differences (e.g. Gen Z vs. older audiences) and the power of advertising preferences were among talking points in the concluding Q&A.

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Attribution Analytics Accelerator (EVENT SUMMARY)

  • ARF & Sequent Partners

The ARF and Sequent Partners paired to present the Attribution & Analytics Accelerator©, a rigorous four-day forum focused exclusively on attribution, marketing mix models and the science of marketing performance measurement. The boldest and brightest minds took the stage to share the latest industry innovations – real case studies were supplemented with in-depth discussions led by moderators who knew what to ask. The Accelerator featured high-profile experts and marketers on the front lines who debated new solutions and addressed unmet technical needs.

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