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Navigating the Identity Resolution Landscape


Identity resolution providers use disparate datasets to link information about individuals and households. This is done to target, activate and measure the reach and effectiveness of advertising campaigns. Several different providers perform this function, currently. Yet, the details of it have received little attention. Now, the ARF’s Identity Resolution Working Group, within the Cross-Platform Measurement Council, has issued a report which includes interviews with executives from 20 identity resolution providers. The report sheds light on this crucial part of the advertising ecosystem.

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The PICA Protocol™ — Your Prescription for Healthy, Actionable Data Storytelling (Event Summary)

On July 22nd, Young Pros across the industry came together for a virtual, hands-on workshop around data storytelling. Lea Pica, industry-recognized data storytelling advocate, speaker, and instructor walked attendees through the PICA Protocol™ which is a powerful, surefire methodology to ensure your data presentation inspires action among stakeholders.

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The Study of Device & Account Sharing: The How and Why

  • The ARF

In the digital age, it is difficult to measure media usage on the individual level. Users may share multiple devices, have several profiles across and even within service categories. People share usernames and passwords with others to allow them access to their ecommerce or streaming media accounts. As a result, providers of digital services and research lack a consistent, reliable and efficient way to parse out the digital world at the user level. Now, a new study by the ARF aims to provide a solution.

Web Scraping for Consumer Insight “Nuggets”

  • MSI

One technique that offers a treasure trove of insights into consumer behavior is “web scraping.” Although worthwhile, using it to gather data requires a specific, methodological approach. Otherwise, validity is threatened. This MSI working paper addresses how researchers should go about web scraping in order to ensure design transparency, analytic reproducibility, analytic robustness, replicability and generalizability of effects.

Navigating the Road to Cross-Platform Measurement (Event Summary)

At the ARF’s Insights Studio on Navigating the Road to Cross-Platform Measurement, Nielsen provided details about Nielsen ONE, and how this solution enables marketers to gain visibility into total video consumption regardless of platform or device. The panel discussed the challenges of cross-platform measurement, including the decreasing reliance on cookies and the importance of consumer privacy and consent.

Moving Forward in the Cookie-Less Future — How Apple and Google Privacy Changes Impact You (Event Summary)


On June 3, Matt Voda returned to give an update about the implications for the entire advertising ecosystem — brands, ad networks, publishers and Walled Gardens. Leaders from Novus Media and Spotify joined to delve into what changed with iOS 14.5 in terms of Apple ATT and IDFA; what will replace Apple’s SKAdNetwork, and where it will fall short; and how FLoC will work and what it changes.

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Forecasting Post-Pandemic Business Recovery


At ARF’s DATAxSCIENCE 2021, experts in forecasting and scenario planning presented the latest research and insights on understanding which changes in consumer behavior and attitudes will help shape the post-pandemic recovery. They also shared examples of different research methods and models to tap into these signals.

Enjoy this recap of our DATAxSCIENCE 2021 event.

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