Analytics & Data Science

ARF Calls for Data Ethics Standards

Scott McDonald, ARF CEO & President, issued a call for the development of ethical standards regarding the protection of consumers and research and use of their data. In addition, he stated that the ARF is reviewing whether to rescind a 2017 award given to Cambridge Analytica, given their alleged improper use of consumer information.

Micro Targeting Can Dramatically Improve Facebook Performance

  • Steve Meester; Newcombe Clark
  • AIG Rapid Learning Lab

The authors describe a series of design experiments used to optimize Facebook targeting and retargeting to buyers of travel insurance. Using different creative for different micro-targets, the authors raised prospecting sales lift by four times and retargeting sales lift by 60%. Additional findings included that age did not determine click thru rate, but under thirty-five and over sixty-four rarely purchased.

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Validating Programmatic Audiences

  • Laura Lewellyn – Senior Director, Market Innovation, Lotame; Jim Warner – CTO, Survata

With so much 3rd party data available, how do you know how well that data represents your intended consumer target? Lotame and Survata partnered to link 1st and 3rd party data and boosted accuracy rates for identifying auto intenders on a publisher’s website by nearly 1/3rd.

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Improving Consumer Profiles with Data Signals

  • John Gim – SVP, Advanced Analytic Solutions, RAPP; David Popkin – Head of Data Strategy for Brands, LiveRamp

Addressable consumer profiles across media. Actionable data. Connected technology. LiveRamp and RAPP offer suggestions on how to leverage these inputs, using signals from a range of sources including location, transactional and online behavioral data to create more robust consumer/customer profiles and segments that lead to better outcomes.

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