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How Marketers Use AI to Navigate the Consumer Journey

  • Jan Kietzmann, Jeannette Paschen, and Emily Treen

As the consumer journey becomes increasingly complex, many marketers are turning to artificial intelligence to decipher it. But how does it actually help them be more effective at understanding and reaching consumers at different stages? A trio of academics explained how AI is transforming advertising.


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ARF: How to Improve Digital Targets

The ARF has announced two new efforts to tackle data quality questions:

Data Labeling Initiative – with the ANA’s Data Marketing & Analytics division, the IAB Tech Lab, and the Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement (CIMM).

Data Validation Initiative – independently conducting research to determine whether surveys can be used to measure the accuracy of those targets.

The ARF Introduces CMO Briefs

Need a one-page overview on a topic of interest? Look no further. The brand new CMO Briefs offer one-page on key research, white papers, and more need-to-know summaries. Check out what’s available.

How Data Science Is Upending the Ad Profession

  • John Deighton, Harvard Business School

What constitutes today’s “Mad Men” (or Women)? Clearly, data-driven marketing communications and customer management have changed the ad profession. But in the future who’s going to do the actual work of marketing, and which institutions will dominate? Harvard’s John Deighton dissects a media world dominated by the Internet’s “walled gardens,” IT consultants, and unrecognizable ad firms.

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