Analytics & Data Science

Marketing Performance Measurement – Where are We Now?

  • by Meredith Zhang, TikTok (Young Pros Officer)

On July 12, 2023, the ARF Cross-Platform Measurement Council’s Attribution Working Group brought together a panel of performance marketing experts to discuss where we are now in marketing performance measurement. Panelists from both the service provider and the user side of performance measurement shared their thoughts on the new and remaining challenges and the tools we have today to address them. Alice Sylvester (Partner, Sequent Partners) and John Young (SVP, Audience Analytics Solutions, MediaHub) moderated 3 insightful discussions with a group of industry experts Allyson Dietz (Senior Director, Marketing Solutions, Neustar), Vijoy Gopalakrishnan (Chief Research Officer, iSpotTV), Stephen Williams (CEO, Marketing Evolution), Karen Chisholm (Director, Analytics Transformation, Pernod Ricard), Sophie McIntyre (Ads Research Lead, Meta), Sunil Soman (VP, Campaign Effectiveness, Warner Brothers Discovery, Chair of the Attribution Working Group), and Emily Weishaupt (Communications Insights manager, Nestle Purina NA).  

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Brands Should Do More to Protect Their Image Online, Study Shows

  • Journal of Advertising Research

Brand safety is a hot topic in programmatic advertising, which is lauded for its efficient distribution but comes with big risks—particularly the unfiltered placement of digital ads next to negative content. New research offers empirical evidence of such risks, including damage to consumers’ perceptions, and calls for brands to do more to protect themselves.

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Measuring the High Consideration Customer

  • Cree Lawson, CEO of Arrivalist

Is there a better way to measure the digital behavior of consumers considering a complex or expensive purchase and improve outcomes going forward? Measurement company Arrivalist shared techniques they have used successfully, illustrated with six case studies. Their work has application for both considered and impulse purchase brands.

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Micro Targeting Can Dramatically Improve Facebook Performance

  • Steve Meester; Newcombe Clark
  • AIG Rapid Learning Lab

The authors describe a series of design experiments used to optimize Facebook targeting and retargeting to buyers of travel insurance. Using different creative for different micro-targets, the authors raised prospecting sales lift by four times and retargeting sales lift by 60%. Additional findings included that age did not determine click thru rate, but under thirty-five and over sixty-four rarely purchased.

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Principles of Data Quality

  • Gerard Broussard
  • The Coalition of Innovative Media Measurement

To improve data quality, the marketing and advertising industry could establish a “Principles of Data Quality” disclosure; create a roster of items to ask of data suppliers; request transparency—data firm disclosures—including consumer authentication procedures, multiple data source descriptions, model target techniques and testing results, recency of data, integration techniques, data labeling, and top-line descriptions for all of the above; create best practice standards.

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