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Streaming Viewing Continues to Grow

Nielsen finds that streaming TV viewing accelerated in June — rising to a 33.7% share of total viewing. According to Nielsen’s “The Gauge” measure, this is the biggest increase since the measurement began over a year ago. Read more »

Measuring Influencer Impact

The ANA has introduced a set of guidelines for influencer marketing measurement to help advertisers better assess influencer marketing’s value. Read more »

How to Maintain Social Media Usage

While the number of social media users has increased dramatically over the last decade, user participation tends to diminish over time. A new study explores how to reverse this trend.

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Advertising and Streaming

There are three kinds of streaming services. The fastest growing right now are “FAST.” Attitudes about TV advertising appear to be one driver of FAST’s growth.   

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The ARF Diversity Report

The newly published ARF Diversity Report is a comprehensive summary of research on the state of diversity in the marketing industry, and how diversity affects company and marketing campaign performance.

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Three Ways to Improve ROI

Nielsen has issued three versions of their 2022 ROI Report – for advertisers, agencies and media sellers – to help them grow their brands, boost ROI and demonstrate ROI respectively. 

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FTC Says: Stop Misleading Data Claims

“Companies that make false claims about anonymization can expect to hear from the FTC,” wrote Kristin Cohen, an Acting Associate Director of the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) privacy and identity division, in a recent blog post.

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How to Use Genders in Advertising

Casey Hobgood, Associate Strategy Director at We Are Social US, argues that “…brands are still failing to address the whole spectrum of gender identities in their market research, campaigns and products.”

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