Audience & Media Measurement

Navigating the Road to Cross-Platform Measurement (Event Summary)

At the ARF’s Insights Studio on Navigating the Road to Cross-Platform Measurement, Nielsen provided details about Nielsen ONE, and how this solution enables marketers to gain visibility into total video consumption regardless of platform or device. The panel discussed the challenges of cross-platform measurement, including the decreasing reliance on cookies and the importance of consumer privacy and consent.

How Political Positioning Affects Brands

  • MSI

How much does political positioning affect a brand’s value and performance? Quite a lot, according to this new MSI working paper. It argues that business performance and firm value are driven, in part, by how closely a brand’s image aligns with that of the winning (or losing) party in a US presidential election. This goes beyond the impact of actual policy or regulatory changes. So how does a highly polarized political environment affect a brand? It presents opportunities and threats, which ultimately impact a firm’s value and performance.

Going Live: How “Shoppable” Ads Measure Up


Live, “shoppable” advertising has accelerated during the COVID-19 pandemic, along with big investments from influencers, brands and retailers. In response, researchers in London, Stockholm and the U.S. have collaborated on a typology for evaluating the value of this emerging platform. The work is essentially a launching pad for future investigation and measurement of liveness and shoppability in advertising.

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How Consumption Capital May Explain Brand Preferences

  • MSI

Consumer packaged goods have experienced increasing fragmentation in recent decades. This is most often attributed to millennials’ preference toward smaller and seemingly more “authentic” brands. But is this true? New research suggests that generational differences in “consumption capital” may be an even more significant factor. This is based on the range of products available over time.

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How Will the Internet of Things Affect Retailing?

  • MSI

Can adding an Internet of Things (IoT) channel help augment retail sales? A new MSI working paper states a resounding “Yes,” but with some caveats. This boost comes primarily from existing consumers and only for certain kinds of products. Adding an IoT channel adds additional benefits, however, including the ability to evaluate consumption patterns, which can ultimately improve supply chain and other operations.

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The Study of Device & Account Sharing: The How and Why

  • The ARF

In the digital age, it is difficult to measure media usage on the individual level. Users may share multiple devices, have several profiles across and even within service categories. People share usernames and passwords with others to allow them access to their ecommerce or streaming media accounts. As a result, providers of digital services and research lack a consistent, reliable and efficient way to parse out the digital world at the user level. Now, a new study by the ARF aims to provide a solution.

Future State: Navigating the New Media Landscape (Event Summary)


There are a lot of questions surrounding how media is evolving, how viewers select content out of seemingly innumerable choices and how streaming services decide what to adopt. While several ARF events have tackled such questions, experts weighed in with their most recent insights at February’s Leadership Lab at ARF headquarters in New York City. Dubbed Future State: Navigating the New Media Landscape, the ARF’s CRO Paul Donato and EVP of Research and Innovation, Dr. Horst Stipp, co-chaired an event that dished out oodles of interesting insights. Editor’s Note: The full report is available to members only.

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