Audience & Media Measurement

Attention and Impact: New Insights from New Research


Attention is a prerequisite for ad impact. But it is an ambiguous and complex concept and it is difficult to measure all its elements.  Evidence of attention can be a sign of success, but often it only means that some part of the ad was noticed. Moreover, “attention” does not necessarily indicate a positive response and a high level of attention is not always a sign of a positive ad impact.

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Academic Principles Add Consistency to Neuro Research

  • Thomas Zoëga Ramsøy

A recurring criticism of neuromarketing research is that the methods involved suffer from inconsistencies which can make results unreliable. This author offers a potential solution: a framework grounded in academic principles that practitioners and scholars can build on to not necessarily reinvent the wheel, but improve consistency and validation.

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Will the TV Upfronts Survive?


How long will TV networks’ annual efforts to attract ad dollars, the “Upfronts,” continue to reign as the most important revenue-generating events of the year? Learn what agency and TV and measurement company executives shared about changes in Upfront marketplace effectiveness and how they predicted buying behavior will evolve.

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What’s the Perfect Synergy Between Employees and Technology?


Technology is omnipresent in today’s world. Yet, it’s become more difficult to determine what is the best way to utilize it. Businesses want to provide topnotch customer experiences, while maintaining operational efficiency. Customers, meanwhile, require a convenient, responsive, personal experience. So how can companies strike a balance and create the ideal symmetry between employees and technology? The ARF’s Knowledge Center was recently challenged with this question. Here are its findings.

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Corporate Social Responsibility - What’s It Worth?

Aligning your brand to a good cause seems like a smart business decision, especially considering the expectations Millennials have when engaging with brands. However, designing and implementing CSR programs is more complicated than is often perceived.

Cause-related marketing efforts may have a low ROI – or have mixed marketplace reaction. So, how do companies increase the odds of CSR marketing success? And how should they value the outcome, especially if increased sales isn’t the goal?

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