Audience & Media Measurement

Toward a More Precise Measure of Television

  • Paul Donato; Jim Spaeth; Alice K. Sylvester
  • Nielsen; Sequent Partners

What refinements to TV data will improve ROI modeling?
This research study by the CRE’s ROI committee examined how different approaches to four TV measures used in models affected granularity, precision and accuracy. Findings showed the impact of varying some factors and noted others that are being changed to address concerns.

Cross-Media ROI Optimization & Creative

  • Bill Harvey
  • RMT

Concerned that many marketing models fail to account for the contribution of creative in the cross-media ROI equation? This study outlines new metrics that can help link the program environment, the brand personality, and the creative execution to better estimate creative’s contribution to ROI.

Mining Social Media + Search Inputs = New Consumer Insights

  • Kate Paulin Charles and Jason Hartley

Combining inputs from What We Say (“Social”) and What We Do (“Search”) offers a new frontier for capturing more reliable consumer behavior. The process includes looking at multiple attributes using a wide array of tools. Case studies from a travel and automotive brand illustrate how mining search and social insights can lead to new, valuable approaches.

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“Purchase-Driven Planning” Boosts ROI

  • Leslie Wood

What is the impact of a new planning paradigm for radio? The author found that using predictive metrics offered a better way to compare plan alternatives before running a campaign, to understand what drives ROI, and to isolate the sales impact of the creative response from the media delivery. The proof: a lift in two key metrics for two brands.

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Brand Building and TV

  • Frank Findley – Executive Director & Chief Advisor, MMAP Center, MASB Kelly Johnson – VP, Advertising & Marketing Intelligence, ESPN

Has TV advertising retained its long-standing power? Although some aspects of TV’s ability to produce results remain, the selling power per GRP has diminished. This effect has been lessened by TV household growth. A new measure, PRPs, has been found to be highly predictive of sales.

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Promoting a Series: VOD vs. Linear TV

  • Dave Kaplan, Maria Laino DeLuca, Chris Pizzurro

In 2016, Bravo parent NBCU had its best year for total Video-On-Demand (VOD) transactions. As Bravo planned to launch a new reality series, Below Deck Mediterranean (BDM), the network wanted to capitalize on this VOD strength to promote and convert viewers without sacrificing the linear TV audience. Set sail as Bravo successfully charters a new course to convert viewers on its VOD campaign.

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How YouTube Compares to Other Social Platforms

  • Vanessa Singh and Howard Blumenstein

To better understand how viewers consume digital video and the implications for brand impact, a Nielsen study, commission by YouTube, evaluated three social platforms and You Tube, using three different methods. Among the findings: attention to ads on YouTube contributed to 45% higher ad recall compared to other social media platforms.

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The #Secret Sauce for Scoring Tweets: A Super Bowl Neuroscience Study

  • Thomas Ciszek; Sean Casey; Carl Marci, Ph.d
  • Twitter; Nielsen Social; Nielsen Consumer Neuroscience

Can Twitter activity volume be increased by using neuroscience pre-testing measures? This study of Super Bowl video ads found a wide gap between the top tweeted and bottom tweeted ads, seemingly independent of category, and that neuroscience pretesting may help to drive Twitter activity levels.