Audience & Media Measurement

How Big Is Ad Avoidance?

  • Josh Chasin, Chief Research Officer at comScore

What if your most desirable consumers avoided ads? This ComScore presentation shows increasing ad avoidance, especially among younger and higher income consumers, and reveals patterns that threaten traditional TV watching. The implication: marketers, in particular those relying on linear TV, need to examine how they manage ad campaigns today and in the future.

Television Advertising Wearout

TV advertising wearout has bedeviled marketers for decades. When does a TV ad lose its potency – or, conversely, when does it start to impact business? This Knowledge at Hand summary synthesizes the latest insights on the wearout/wearin conundrum, recognizing differences by product category or industry vertical.

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Improving Targeting with Data-Based Advertising

  • Mike Rosen, EVP, Advanced Advertising and Platform Sales

What did NBCUniversal do to leverage data that will inform targeting and encourage better buying decisions? See the steps they took to change the game, which involved using set top box and other relevant data, upending internal practices, incorporating an optimization tool and more … and illustrated with a financial services client case study

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A More Flexible Approach to Measuring Engagement

  • Bobby J. Calder, Mathew S. Isaac, Edward C. Malthouse

How can marketers more effectively measure consumer engagement in this increasingly complex media world? Although one-size-fits-all scales may be appropriate in some product areas, a broader definition of engagement—together with an approach that takes into account media context and customer goals—can provide new insights that enhance advertising effectiveness.

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Toward a More Precise Measure of Television

  • Paul Donato; Jim Spaeth; Alice K. Sylvester
  • Nielsen; Sequent Partners

What refinements to TV data will improve ROI modeling?
This research study by the CRE’s ROI committee examined how different approaches to four TV measures used in models affected granularity, precision and accuracy. Findings showed the impact of varying some factors and noted others that are being changed to address concerns.

Promoting a Series: VOD vs. Linear TV

  • Dave Kaplan, Maria Laino DeLuca, Chris Pizzurro

In 2016, Bravo parent NBCU had its best year for total Video-On-Demand (VOD) transactions. As Bravo planned to launch a new reality series, Below Deck Mediterranean (BDM), the network wanted to capitalize on this VOD strength to promote and convert viewers without sacrificing the linear TV audience. Set sail as Bravo successfully charters a new course to convert viewers on its VOD campaign.

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