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How Will Media Use Evolve After the Crisis? (Event Summary)


At this virtual event researchers presented data and discussed how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected media use and if these data reveal which of the changes are likely to be permanent. There was agreement that increases in TV use during the initial “stay-home” weeks were temporary. However, the trend towards more streaming appears to continue, watching first-run movies at home will increase and at least some of the increase in online shopping during the pandemic will remain. Editor’s Note: The full summary is available to members only.

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Appeal Predicts Gay Inclusive-Ad Outcomes

  • Bradley J. Bond and Justine Rapp Farrell (both at University of San Diego)

When gay couples are featured in an ad, advertising appeal can be more important than sexual orientation in predicting consumer behavior—specifically with intentions to purchase and recommend a brand or product—according to research at the University of San Diego.

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The State of Insights and Data Analytics Disciplines Today (Event Summary)


In 2019, the ARF Analytics Council undertook its first benchmark survey on the operations of research and analytics departments to develop a baseline understanding of the state of the insights and data analytics discipline within the industry today. The survey explored the way in which technology and the advent of new sources of data have transformed the way we work. This Insights Studio presented survey findings and shed light on where the field stands.
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Measuring Cross-Media Use and Recall

  • Andrea Ciceri, Giulia Songa, Vincenzo Russo, Giorgio Gabrielli, Jesper Clement

Many studies have compared advertising effectiveness online and in print. Where that research has fallen short is in comparing the ways people divide their visual attention, specifically when using different devices and media. Here’s how a team of academics and practitioners took a neuroscientific approach to measured that response using biometrics.

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What Will Replace the Third-Party Cookie?

  • Paul Donato, Chief Research Officer

Several forces have culminated in the end of the third-party cookie. If DMPs and attribution as we know them go away, what will replace them?
ARF CRO Paul Donato, drawing on a number of original ARF research initiatives, issues this report covering privacy’s impact and many other factors driving the end of third-party cookies.

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Shifting the Perception of Aging Today (Event Summary)


At this virtual Salon, Barbara Shipley from AARP and Andrew Delaney from Getty Images discussed their initiative to encourage advertisers to avoid stereotypes in the portrayal of the 50+ population in ads. Tiffanie Papp from P&G/SeeMe Beauty shared why it is important for SeeMe Beauty to create ads that resonate with 50+ consumers.

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Young Pros Presents: Coming of Age in a Crisis – The Millennial Perspective

Millennials have lived through a number of tragedies, including the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the Great Recession and now the COVID-19 pandemic. How did these events shape millennials? And what do marketers, advertisers, brands and researchers need to know about this generation and their unique perspectives, in order to market to them effectively? Editor’s Note: The full summary is available to members only.

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How COVID-19 is Affecting Public Attitudes, Emotions and Values (Event Summary)


Our program brought together two organizations that have been at the front lines of opinion polling during times of crisis. IPSOS has been conducting multi-country polls about both public health and economic concerns during the time of Covid-19 and brought a broad comparative perspective to the discussion. NORC at the University of Chicago has been studying public opinion response to crises for decades and brought a uniquely historical perspective reaching back not just to such previous traumas as 9/11 and Superstorm Sandy, but even back to the Kennedy Assassination. Both polling firms provided insight into what Covid-19 might mean for public opinion and values going forward. Editor’s Note: The full summary is available to members only.

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