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CIMM’s Cross-Platform Video Measurement & Data Summit

  • CIMM

Cross-platform media measurement has never been more crucial. Fortunately, industry experts met recently at the 10th Annual CIMM Cross-Platform Video Measurement & Data Summit to discuss recent advancements across the industry, and what needs to be done to arrive at solutions. CIMM CEO and Managing Director Jane Clarke opened this year’s virtual event by outlining the organization’s vision for developing more effective cross-media measurement. She revealed the “building blocks” to such an endeavor: TV census-like data, digital census data, cross-media or “Linked” panels and ID resolution. Clarke also outlined the state of measurement as it stands now.

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Apple IDFA & Google FLoC: How Tracking Changes Will Impact You (Event Summary)


Earlier this year, Google announced they plan to stop individual ad tracking. Apple is also altering the landscape of the advertising ecosystem with its iOS 14 IDFA (Identifier for Advertisers) update. Ad targeting, personalization, measurement and fraud detection are predicted to be negatively impacted and the implications — and potential revenue loss — for brands, ad networks, publishers are huge.

At this Insights Studio: Member Broadcast, OptiMine, Havas Media and CIMM discussed exactly how Google and Apple’s changes will impact you and why they matter, how brands should think about future-proofing their advertising measurement in an environment of increased data privacy and strategies for future success.


Matt Voda — CEO, OptiMine
Sargi Mann  — EVP, Digital Strategy, Havas Media
Moderator: Jane Clarke  — CEO, Managing Director, CIMM

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Best Practices in Media and Market Research Studies

  • Dr. Horst Stipp, EVP, Research & Innovation, the ARF

Surveys are a necessary tool for exploring consumer behavior, attitudes and intentions. They provide valuable data to help make informed business decisions. However, quality matters and ignoring best practices impacts the validity and reliability of findings, which might make the data unusable.

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Let’s Talk — Measuring Conversation Impact (Event Summary)


This focused ARF Insights Studio presented analytics leaders from Twitter and Mondelēz International who shared how brands can analyze conversational patterns to maximize business outcomes, influence brand conversions and further understand campaign effectiveness. Twitter also shared details and business outcomes of a recent brand equity study that it performed on itself.

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How Researchers Can Learn from Recent Political Polling Challenges (Event Summary)

  • LA Council

This event was suggested by the ARF’s LA Media Research Council in the aftermath of the poor performance of last November’s election polls.  Council members felt that the discussions about polling could impact trust in consumer and media research and that we should explore what research suppliers are doing to implement Best Practices.

Research Quality has always been a key issue for the ARF. Most recently, an ARF event about the November polls found that while some issues are unique to political polling, many impact all survey research, for example, obtaining representative samples while response rates are declining, validity of responses, and predicting behavior and attitude trends.

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Inside the Journal of Advertising Research — Sixes, A.I. and Media Metrics (Event Summary)


At this Insights Studio, a global panel synthesized their work published in the Journal of Advertising Research on creative strategies for six-second video ads, radio ad-avoidance measures, facial coding analysis of ad sharing, and TV ad effectiveness. Creative trends, generational differences (e.g. Gen Z vs. older audiences) and the power of advertising preferences were among talking points in the concluding Q&A.

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