Audience & Media Measurement

Is TV Still Best for Brand Building? Advertisers Say, “Show Me”

  • Artie Bulgrin

Television is still the best screen for brand building, according to viewership and other data —despite the proliferation of media and entertainment options. The difficulty of measuring TV’s effectiveness accurately undermines advertisers’ confidence in its value, author Artie Bulgrin warns, as he underscores the importance of standardized, cross-platform measures.

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A New Tool Measures Children’s Emotional Response to Ads

  • Joëlle Vanhamme (EDHEC Business School in France) and Chung-Kit Chiu (freelance illustrator)

Measuring emotions in children exposed to advertisements just got easier. A pictorial instrument developed by a French marketing professor and an illustrator can assess basic emotions, is particularly well-suited for 8- to 11-year-olds, and can be used by both practitioners and academics around the world without the need for translation.

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Suggestions for Evolving TV Metrics

  • Gian M. Fulgoni and Andrew Lipsman

New TV viewing habits demand new measurement solutions Which metrics will advertisers turn to, and what happens to reach as the primary metric? Check out this article’s suggestions on how evolved TV metrics might incorporate the best aspects of today’s TV and digital approaches.

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The Formula for Measuring Digital Advertising

  • Chris Morgan, VP & GM of Moat Oracle

Although ad executives often measure viewability when evaluating digital delivery, “viewability alone is not enough,” according to this presentation. Instead, MOAT suggests focusing on the user experience, which can increase consumer attention and lessen ad avoidance, ultimately leading to more ads being seen. MOAT also recommends five questions to measure attention and bolster likelihood of digital ad success

How Do Mobile Ads Fare In Games vs. TV Streams?

  • Bryce Quayle - SVP & General Manager at LRW, Karen Ring - Head of Research/Insights at Telaria

Can games be an effective platform for mobile advertisers? This study gave mobile in-game video ads a thumbs up for reaching consumers of all ages, based on how gamers interacted with and responded to these ads. The numbers compared favorably to reactions for mobile in-stream TV ads, suggesting a new opportunity for advertisers.

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Four Tips to Boost Ad Attentiveness

  • Mike Follett, Managing Director at Lumen Research

The eyes have it! An eye tracking company’s analysis of thousands of viewable impressions, accompanied by a client case study, yielded four insights that can boost digital display advertising attentiveness and gave evidence that lifting attentiveness positively impacts sales. That’s nothing to blink at.

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Using Bluetooth to Measure Audience Reach of Outdoor Ads

  • Bill Page, Zachary Anesbury, Sophia Moshakis, Alicia Grasby (all at Ehrenberg-Bass Institute for Marketing Science, Univ. of South Australia)

Good news for out-of-home advertisers: A method using Bluetooth technology measures important details that up until recently were available only for television advertising. With it, market researchers can estimate the frequency of exposure and level of unduplicated reach for outdoor advertising, while media buyers and campaign managers can examine their targeted audiences more thoroughly.

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