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Announcing: WOW! The Wit & Wisdom of Erwin Ephron

Erwin Ephron was a luminary in our industry and his words and writings still ring true today on so many pertinent topics. These include media planning, research, targeting, budgeting, data quality, engagement, reach and recency, digital marketing and so much more. The ARF is honored to announce that we have been bequeathed an enormous cache of Ephron’s writings. This windfall includes Ephron’s newsletters from 1992 to 2010.

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Strategies for Creating Successful Six-Second Ads

  • Colin Campbell, University of San Diego; Erin Pearson, University of East Anglia

Scholars and practitioners in recent years have grappled with the potential and limitations of six -second ads. A new study clarifies those constraints and offers actionable strategies in various stages of the creative process, to help advertisers boost the effectiveness of short, online video ads.

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Building Brands: Psychological and Media Drivers of Marketing Effectiveness (Event Summary)


Building successful brands require a deep understanding of why consumers behave the way they do and the associated media drivers. The Advertising Research Foundation and the IPA /EffWorks Global 2020 partnered to share our most relevant research, case studies and keynotes from Marketing Effectiveness leaders. Editor’s Note: The full summary is available to members only.

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Choosing Music for Ads: Does a Premium Source Matter?

  • M. Anglada-Tort, Technische Univ. Berlin; S. Keller, Pandora; J. Steffens, Düsseldorf Univ. of Applied Sciences; D. Müllensiefen, Goldsmiths Univ. of London

Does music in advertising need to come from an expensive source, like a popular performance artist, to make an impact? A European academic-practitioner research team, including a Pandora executive, studied the evaluation process for choosing music in ads, by comparing how professionals and consumers judged the sourcing of music. The differential can potentially prove costly for brands.

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Briggs Nov20 Forecast

  • Rex Briggs
  • Marketing Evolution

At our recent ARF DATAXSCIENCE event entitled, “The Future of Forecasting,” Rex Briggs of Marketing Evolution gave a fascinating presentation with recommendations on how businesses should conduct their affairs in Q1- Q3 of 2021. “Throughout my career in marketing research,” Briggs said, “I’ve made it a point to study the research designs and analytic techniques of other fields, particularly health care.” Briggs’s unique, cross-discipline approach revealed some fascinating predictions about the end of the pandemic, consumer behavior in the recovery and even some insights into the nature of research and forecasting itself.

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What Lift & ROI Measurement Products Exist Today?

  • ARF Cross-Platform Measurement Council

Relevant key performance indicators (KPIs) have become increasingly important over the last decade for evaluating the impact of marketing and media spending. Today, numerous companies offer products that measure “ROI” and “lift,” But, for many, it is difficult to differentiate them. This prompted the Online-Offline Metrics Working Group of the ARF’s Cross-Platform Measurement Council to create: The Guide to Lift and ROI Measurement Products. This comprehensive report highlights the product offerings of 27 companies in the space.

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How Facial Expressions Can Predict Ad Sharing

  • Daniel McDuff, Microsoft Research; Jonah Berger, Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania -- JOURNAL OF ADVERTISING RESEARCH

Why do some ads get shared more than others on social media? This study used facial coding algorithms to quantify the facial expressions of thousands of individuals in response to video ads. The findings help advertisers predict how different emotions influence sharing, and provide a deeper understanding of the complexities between emotion and transmission.

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What Drives Global Sponsorship Costs?

  • Jonathan A. Jensen and Benjamin Albano, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Joe B. Cobbs, Northern Kentucky University, and B. Tyler, University of Massachusetts Amherst

Until 2020, sponsorship expenditures by brand marketers were soaring, but COVID-19 changed the equation. Nevertheless, a new study conducted prior to the pandemic— analyzing multiple years of prices paid for sponsorships of Formula One racing teams—fills a gap in the body of research that otherwise focused on sponsorship returns but neglected the related investment.

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