Ad Effectiveness & ROI

Who Blocks Ads, Why, and How to Win Them Back

  • Kristina Sruoginis; Samar Das
  • Internet Advertising Bureau; C3Research

Ad blocking behavior can be exacerbated or reduced by various factors, according to an IAB and C3Research study. Consumers don’t reject ads outright, but a bad ad experience leads them to ad blockers. The study suggests several steps, such as giving consumers control, to discourage ad blocking.

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The Optimal Way to Advertise Sequentially Released Products

  • Jooseop Lim and Tieshan Li (Concordia Univ.)

Hollywood pumps out movie sequels like there’s no tomorrow. Why? Sequential distribution is critical to a company’s performance, not only for movies but also for other types of products. This article illustrates that how an advertising budget is allocated across product life stages or product formats over time can make or break success.

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When Should You Combine TV with Online Campaigns?

  • Georg M. Goerg, Nicolas Remy, Jim Koehler, Sheethal Shobowale, and Christoph Best

Under what circumstances should a TV ad campaign be complemented with online advertising to increase combined reach? This meta-study—a finalist in the JAR Editorial Board voting for the journal’s Best Paper award—yields simple, interpretable, and actionable rules that improve the understanding of media-mix advertising.

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Measuring the Power of TV and Creative

  • Jeanine Poggi, Media Reporter Advertising Age (moderator); David Poltrack, CBS; Leslie Wood Nielsen Catalina

Rumors of TV’s death have been greatly exaggerated, according to studies conducted by Nielsen Catalina for CBS; they indicated that TV is more likely to be “on target” than digital. The studies also found that Creative remains the key factor contributing to sales, although its impact has diminished, while that of Media has grown.

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Can Context Make Advertising More Effective?


Does advertising context affect consumers’ perceptions and response to the advertising? If so, how does context affect ad performance? This ARF Knowledge at Hand identifies reasons why ignoring context can be risky, based on a review of six decades of research, and suggests best practices for marketers to enhance their strategies and increase advertising effectiveness.

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Are You Targeting Too Much?

  • Gian M. Fulgoni, comScore, Inc.

P&G and Unilever have made it clear that brands need to get smarter at ways they deploy available targeting data, writes Gian Fulgoni, Chairman Emeritus of comScore, Inc. The focus should be on driving both short-term performance and long-term outcomes, which “need not be mutually exclusive.”

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Are you Measuring your Marketing ROI Effectively?

  • Scott McDonald, The Advertising Research Foundation

John Wanamaker’s quip “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is don’t know which half” takes on new meaning with the measurement options available today. But which work best in quantifying the impact of marketing activities? The ARF’s Scott McDonald tackled the topic by providing tips on the best use of A/B tests vs. Market-Mix Models vs. Multi-Touch Attribution to measure marketing ROI.

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