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How to get consumers to pay attention to advertising, widely seen as antecedent to ad success, has been an important issue for marketers for decades. The ever expanding increase in media vehicles and platforms – with increased multitasking – has arguably made this issue more important than ever. At the same time, new research, including studies that were presented at the AudiencexScience conference, are generating new insights, but also new questions, on the value of “attention”.

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The Optimal Way to Advertise Sequentially Released Products

  • Jooseop Lim and Tieshan Li (Concordia Univ.)

Hollywood pumps out movie sequels like there’s no tomorrow. Why? Sequential distribution is critical to a company’s performance, not only for movies but also for other types of products. This article illustrates that how an advertising budget is allocated across product life stages or product formats over time can make or break success.

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Television remains a major part of most advertising campaigns


Despite the growth of digital media and platforms, television remains a major part of most advertising campaigns and measuring the impact of TV commercials in this new environment is more important than ever.  A new report, by Sequent Partners for CIMM and the 4A’s, analyzes the new methods and compares the various providers’ approaches.

Ambush Marketing: New Moves and Tactics

  • Nicholas Burton (Brock University) and Simon Chadwick (Salford University Manchester)

How can you protect your brand from an “ambush”? Evolving ambush marketing tactics spurred researchers in Canada and the U.K. to undertake the task of redefining the different forms and offering practical guidance and strategies to both sides of the practice.

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Measuring the Power of TV and Creative

  • Jeanine Poggi, Media Reporter Advertising Age (moderator); David Poltrack, CBS; Leslie Wood Nielsen Catalina

Rumors of TV’s death have been greatly exaggerated, according to studies conducted by Nielsen Catalina for CBS; they indicated that TV is more likely to be “on target” than digital. The studies also found that Creative remains the key factor contributing to sales, although its impact has diminished, while that of Media has grown.

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Where do Supermarket Endcaps have the Most Traction?

  • William Caruso, Armando Maria Corsi, Svetlana Bogomolova, Justin Cohen, Anne Sharp, and Pei Jie Tan (Ehrenberg-Bass Institute, Univ. of South Australia) Larry Lockshin (Univ. of S. Australia School of Marketing)

Marketers and store managers invest significantly in endcaps— end-of-aisle displays intended to reach as many shoppers as possible. A seven-year Australian cross-country study analyzed where shoppers spend the most time in a store and which endcap space has the greatest potential reach. What do you think they found more valuable: front or back of the store?

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