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Strategies for Sustaining Social Media Engagement

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Engaging consumers on social media platforms is extremely advantageous for firms. Yet, sustaining engagement is not always easy. Usership often drops off. The field experiment described in this Marketing Science Institute (MSI) working paper shows helpful ways to sustain social media engagement and offers insights into the positive effects of offering certain members power in their online community (OC).

The Impact of Bodily Autonomy on Brand Marketing: Insights for Marketers


As civil liberties continue to be politicized, advertisers have a growing expectation to be part of the solution and fill the trust gap between consumers, government, and media. On February 7, Mindshare and GroupM unveiled new research examining the sentiments of those most impacted—voices who have been historically marginalized and underrepresented in media and society—by the eroding rights to privacy. Further topics of discussion included the future of using “women’s empowerment” in marketing campaigns and the larger economic implications when bodily autonomy rights are lost.

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Disruptive Streaming Video Ads Hurt Product Involvement/Brand Recognition


Consumers may love online video platforms like YouTube, but when it comes to the inevitable disruption—the annoying mid-roll ads that start playing in the middle of a scene, sentence or word—they are not so amused. In fact, new research shows that the irritation caused by these ads leads to lower levels of product involvement and brand recognition than that garnered by non-disruptive ads.

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How Diversity in Advertising is Evolving


The event addressed how diversity in advertising is evolving. Consumers want to buy from companies that commit to diversity but mere representational presence in ads is not enough. Brands that produce creative that is authentic in context, and elicits emotion from consumers, will garner loyalty and ROI. Leaders from Microsoft and Kantar shared how we can collectively understand nuances better to debunk stereotypes and empower all groups of people.

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