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6 Second Ads: Who, How, & When To Use

  • Paul Donato, The ARF, and Dan Schiffman, TVision

In three minutes get the scoop on how :06 ads work in linear TV. This original study from The ARF and TVision provides new information on the prevalence of :06s, who is using them, and how they perform. The findings inform buyers and sellers and give guidance for future work.

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The Don Draper Dilemma: Which Creative Idea to Showcase?

  • Douglas C. West (King’s College London), George Christodoulides (Birbeck, University of London), and Jennifer Bonhomme (Young & Rubicam)

Like in a scene out of “Madmen,” your creative team at an ad agency has just pitched a dozen ideas for presenting to the client. How do you as the creative manager decide which one is the right one to recommend? This study provides a framework for creative decision making.

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How an Ad Agency’s Structure Drives Creative Output

  • Huw O’Connor & Mark Kilgour (Univ. of Waikato), Scott Koslow (Macquarie Univ.), and Sheila Sasser (Eastern Michigan Univ.)

What is the optimal organizational structure for developing ad campaigns at agencies? A study of 554 ad campaigns—based on interviews with ad-agency professionals at firms representing major markets in Australia and New Zealand—found that not all structural configurations lead to the best creative output.

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What Makes a Successful TV Ad?

  • Steven Bellman, Magda Nenycz-Thiel, Rachel Kennedy, Bruce McColl, Laurent Larguinat, and Duane Varan

Talk about a sweet approach to evaluate the potential of neuromeasures in identifying which ads lead to sales! This study of TV ads from Mars, Inc., maker of Snickers, 3 Musketeers and other treats, academic and industry researchers, yielded valuable insights into how biometrics can be used to predict ad effectiveness.

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Navigating the Changing Ad Ecosystem With Data + Blockchain

  • Babs Rangaiah
  • IBM

Advertising used to be a one-to-many communication. The internet made advertising a one-to-one process. How will tomorrow’s technology evolve advertising? IBM and Watson show how data, virtual reality, and the Internet of Things will further customize the ad experience, and at the same time, through Blockchain, introduce greater trust and transparency behind the scenes in the transaction.

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Choosing the Right Celebrity Endorser

  • Stephen Wang and Angeline Close Scheinbaum

How do you make the right decision on a celebrity endorser for your services industry brand? A new framework assessed an endorser’s expertise, trustworthiness, and attractiveness as predictors of brand credibility and purchase intention for the airline industry. Its finding that different factors affected high-involvement customers than low-involvement ones may lead to new approaches in choosing what celebrities work best.

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