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Big Data Shows How Brands' Facebook Posts Generate eWOM

  • Taemin Kim (Incheon National University) Hyejin Kim (DePaul University), Yunhwan Kim (Hankuk University of Foreign Studies)

Research analyzing how a brand’s Facebook posts can generate e-word of mouth (eWOM) has often relied on content analysis and users’ motivations. A new study offers a big-data approach for predicting the impact of a post’s unique features on eWOM activity, with some unexpected outcomes.

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Attention and Impact: New Insights from New Research


Attention is a prerequisite for ad impact. But it is an ambiguous and complex concept and it is difficult to measure all its elements.  Evidence of attention can be a sign of success, but often it only means that some part of the ad was noticed. Moreover, “attention” does not necessarily indicate a positive response and a high level of attention is not always a sign of a positive ad impact.

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Getting Better Creative from Data and Insights


We have access to more data and research than ever before. But how well are they being used? It’s apparent to many in the advertising industry that there’s a gap between the research/data and creative/strategy communities, in terms of using data and insights effectively. To investigate this divide, the ARF Creative Council conducted a quantitative and qualitative research project, which has led to the publication of a new white paper titled: How to Get Better Creative from Better Insights.

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Is Your Influencer the Right Match?

  • Priska Linda Breves, Nicole Liebers, Marina Abt, Annika Kunze, (all at University of Würzburg)

As the use of social-media influencers gains traction, marketers face a daunting task of choosing the best-suited ones to promote their brands. Researchers in Germany found that an influencer’s fit with the brand will affect his or her credibility and persuasiveness, but social interactions with fans may tip the balance.

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Social-Media Marketing and More

  • JAR (59, 4) December 2019 Summary

In the December issue of the Journal of Advertising Research, a special section addresses critical issues in social-media marketing. Empirical findings make contributions to both research and practice, from Superbowl TV/online advertising strategies to conversation metrics. Among other articles, trust in digital marketing is top of mind, and in China, TV commercials benefit from prior online exposure, but not vice versa. How do U.S. consumers perceive scientific claims made in cosmetics ads? Read on!

Do You Hear What I Hear?

Have you heard the latest regarding podcast’s and music’s impact on audio marketing? Companies that use music aligned to their brand identities are 96 percent more likely to be recalled, according to research carried out at the University of Leicester, U.K. Furthermore, podcast audiences have grown so significantly that now 51 percent of Americans ages 12 and over listen to them. That’s based on Edison Research’s “The Podcast Consumer 2019” report.

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