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Who Cleaned Up at This Year’s David Ogilvy Awards?

P&G’s Mr. Clean swept up the Grand Ogilvy Award at the ARF’s 2018 David Ogilvy Awards. The brand’s “Cleaner of Your Dreams” campaign was recognized for outstanding insight to drive superior advertising. In addition to the Grand Prize, the ARF handed Gold, Silver, and Bronze awards across five categories. Other top winners included Budweiser, Farmers Insurance, Rice Krispies Treats, Honey Nut Cheerios, and the Truth campaign.

Neuroscience Behind Better Creative

  • Carl Marci, M.D. – Chief Neuroscientist, Nielsen Consumer Neuroscience; David F. Poltrack – CRO, CBS Corporation; President, CBS VISION; ARF Board Chair; Leslie Wood – CRO, Nielsen Catalina Solutions

Great creative can drive a 15x lift in incremental sales over ineffective creative, according to this study from CBS, Nielsen Catalina Solutions, and Nielsen Consumer Neuroscience. But how do you know what great creative is before it goes on air? This study shows how a combination of neuroscience tools can help identify what makes creative great.

Ad Receptivity: A New Metric for Improving Efficiency

  • Barbara Leflein, Leflein Associates, Inc.; Asaf Davidov, Hulu

The growth of ad blocking demands that marketers understand its prevalence and drivers. This study by Hulu and Leflien Associates yielded a surprising finding: ad receptivity is psychological, not demographic. It also identifies factors that drive ad engagement, such as the ability to exercise control over ads.

How Consumers Emotionally Process Green Advertising

  • Myriam Martínez-Fiestas, María Isabel Viedma del Jesus, Juan Sánchez-Fernández, Francisco J. Montoro-Rios

How do consumers emotionally process and react to messaging intended to prompt responsible behavior toward the environment? This JAR paper sought to answer that question and found that positive messages emphasizing the benefits of environmentally responsible behavior (as opposed to those focused on the negative) are more likely to achieve positive results.

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Navigating the Changing Ad Ecosystem With Data + Blockchain

  • Babs Rangaiah
  • IBM

Advertising used to be a one-to-many communication. The internet made advertising a one-to-one process. How will tomorrow’s technology evolve advertising? IBM and Watson show how data, virtual reality, and the Internet of Things will further customize the ad experience, and at the same time, through Blockchain, introduce greater trust and transparency behind the scenes in the transaction.

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What Makes Brands’ Facebook Content Shareable?

  • Tania Yuki, Shareablee

Sharing is the fastest growing type of interaction on Facebook. But what kinds of content are most shared? A Shareablee study surfaced a range of factors that enhance sharing, among them: using video; employing storytelling or useful content; and evoking happiness or inspiration.

Native Ads: Best Practices for Creative

  • David Ludica, Senior Director, Strategic Insights & Research, Yahoo!

Forecasts show that native is expected to be 74% of total digital ad spending by 2021. A joint Nielsen-Yahoo! study yielded a list of ten best practices for native ads’ creative, such as the importance of images and logos, the need for transparency via labeling, and using shorter video lengths.

Best Practices for Social Ad Engagement

  • Twitter & AceMetrix

Catching consumers’ attention on social media can be a challenge. Scrolls and swipes can be so fast. How can advertisers get consumers to watch their ad to the end? Twitter and AceMetrix paired up to develop best practices on what keeps a consumer’s attention to the end of the ad, e.g., using strong visuals.