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Four Strategies for Creating Effective Soundless Video Ads

  • Colin Campbell, Erin Pearson

Most digital video ads are viewed soundlessly because either the user mutes them, or sound does not play automatically. As video advertising production accelerates, this study found that video ads created for “sound on” are less effective when viewed silently—and offers four strategies for creating successful digital video ads in soundless environments.

What Makes a Successful TV Ad?

  • Steven Bellman, Magda Nenycz-Thiel, Rachel Kennedy, Bruce McColl, Laurent Larguinat, and Duane Varan

Talk about a sweet approach to evaluate the potential of neuromeasures in identifying which ads lead to sales! This study of TV ads from Mars, Inc., maker of Snickers, 3 Musketeers and other treats, academic and industry researchers, yielded valuable insights into how biometrics can be used to predict ad effectiveness.

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The Don Draper Dilemma: Which Creative Idea to Showcase?

  • Douglas C. West (King’s College London), George Christodoulides (Birbeck, University of London), and Jennifer Bonhomme (Young & Rubicam)

Like in a scene out of “Madmen,” your creative team at an ad agency has just pitched a dozen ideas for presenting to the client. How do you as the creative manager decide which one is the right one to recommend? This study provides a framework for creative decision making.

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6 Second Ads: Who, How, & When To Use

  • Paul Donato, The ARF, and Dan Schiffman, TVision

In three minutes get the scoop on how :06 ads work in linear TV. This original study from The ARF and TVision provides new information on the prevalence of :06s, who is using them, and how they perform. The findings inform buyers and sellers and give guidance for future work.

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How Portrayals of Female Size Are Changing in Advertising

  • Kathrynn Pounders (UT at Austin)

When it comes to evoking female beauty in advertisements, brands and agencies are learning a tough lesson: you can’t please everyone. A body of research shows that consumers increasingly express the desire for greater inclusion and diversity in images representing body shape, and size—yet, many advertisers view moving in that direction as risky, given mixed results from other research in this area.

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Branded Content Effectiveness: How to Measure It

  • Gian M. Fulgoni; Raymond Pettit; Andrew Lipsman (comScore)

Marketers lack consistent measures for gauging the effectiveness of branded content. To address the problem, a team of researchers believes that the value of branded content is best assessed by combining “traditional marketing metrics while also capturing the value of its uniquely engaging context.”

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