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The 1st Annual Organizational Benchmark Survey—The Consultancy Report


The Organizational Benchmark Survey investigates the changes in advertising and marketing research over the past year. This is the first of an annual series. The consultancy report covers a variety of subjects, including the names of their research departments and their structures, whether they are centralized or decentralized, their spending and KPIs, what skills researchers need and what tools they employ, and how satisfied they are with their department.

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RCT21: Advancing Cross-Platform ROI Analysis (Event Summary)


The ARF, in collaboration with 605, Central Control and Bill Harvey Consulting, is championing a research initiative designed to establish methods for applying randomized control testing (RCT) to cross-platform advertising impact analysis. The proof-of-concept study, named RCT21, applies experimentation methods to measure incremental ROI of large ad campaigns run across multiple media channels at once, including addressable linear TV and multiple major digital media platforms.  Editor’s Note: The full summary is available to members only.

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The State of Insights and Data Analytics Disciplines Today (Event Summary)


In 2019, the ARF Analytics Council undertook its first benchmark survey on the operations of research and analytics departments to develop a baseline understanding of the state of the insights and data analytics discipline within the industry today. The survey explored the way in which technology and the advent of new sources of data have transformed the way we work. This Insights Studio presented survey findings and shed light on where the field stands.
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Career Skills – Strategies, Steps & Success (Event Summary)


The July 30 ARF’s Women in Analytics event was about honing career skills. Five esteemed female leaders shared the skills they hold near and dear and how they developed them over the years. After the presentations, attendees joined small moderated breakout sessions, where they had the opportunity to ask speakers questions about their careers and how they conquered barriers along the way.

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Key Planning Tool Gets a Facelift for the Digital Age


A key planning tool that is widely used by advertising professionals for strategic and creative guidance, is seriously out of date, according to a forthcoming Journal of Advertising Research study available online on the JAR’s Digital First platform. Researchers in Japan and South Korea propose a refresh to the Foote, Cone & Belding (FCB) grid, created in 1980, to reflect current-day products and consumers’ online purchase decisions.

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Novel Approach Improves Marketing Survey Data Accuracy


How can advertisers, media companies and market researchers acquire highly accurate consumer survey data, in order to make informed business decisions, without depleting their budget? Sure, everyone would like to utilize probability sampling, but the cost is out of reach for most. However, non-probability, opt-in, online samples are nowhere near as accurate.
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The ARF’s 2020 Research Agenda (Summary)


In order to offer members the insights they need to keep ahead of the curve, the ARF conducts original research that tackles the industry’s most pressing questions. Last year, the foundation changed its research project development process, creating a 401K approach in order to democratize it. Member organizations were able to vote with their dollars on what topic areas research funding should be allocated to.