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Moment-to-Moment EEG Metrics Enhance Ad Effectiveness Analysis


A European research team is on a mission to advance the development and use of electroencephalogram (EEG)-based methods for evaluating advertising effectiveness. Although their research leaves open questions, it suggests that recent developments in this area—specifically moment-to-moment EEG-based indicators—provide a clearer view into emotional response and attention to ads than previous EEG methods.

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The ARF Universe Study of Device & Account Sharing: The How and Why

  • The ARF

In the digital age, it is difficult to measure media usage on the individual level. Users may share multiple devices, have several profiles across and even within service categories. People share usernames and passwords with others to allow them access to their ecommerce or streaming media accounts. As a result, providers of digital services and research lack a consistent, reliable and efficient way to parse out the digital world at the user level. Now, a new study by the ARF aims to provide a solution.

Navigating the Road to Cross-Platform Measurement (Event Summary)

At the ARF’s Insights Studio on Navigating the Road to Cross-Platform Measurement, Nielsen provided details about Nielsen ONE, and how this solution enables marketers to gain visibility into total video consumption regardless of platform or device. The panel discussed the challenges of cross-platform measurement, including the decreasing reliance on cookies and the importance of consumer privacy and consent.

2nd Annual State of the Research and Analytics Disciplines 2021


This ARF Analytics Council event presented insights from The Organizational Benchmark Survey on the current state of advertising research and analytics. ARF members were provided the opportunity to gain rich insights from this survey taken by more than 400 ARF members.

The survey results offered a look into the types of skills, tools and techniques currently in demand, the degree to which spending on market research and analytics has changed since the first Organizational Benchmark Survey in 2019, and how the pandemic is still shaping the market research and analytics professions.

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How Researchers Can Learn from Recent Political Polling Challenges (Event Summary)

  • LA Council

This event was suggested by the ARF’s LA Media Research Council in the aftermath of the poor performance of last November’s election polls.  Council members felt that the discussions about polling could impact trust in consumer and media research and that we should explore what research suppliers are doing to implement Best Practices.

Research Quality has always been a key issue for the ARF. Most recently, an ARF event about the November polls found that while some issues are unique to political polling, many impact all survey research, for example, obtaining representative samples while response rates are declining, validity of responses, and predicting behavior and attitude trends.

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Media Targeting: A Brave New World (Event Summary)


At ARF’s May 12th Insights Studio, “Media Targeting: A Brave New World,” we heard what Real Chemistry, a healthcare-specialist technology and innovation company is doing to extrapolate consumer behavior data — along with de-identified health and drug data and other real-world information — into marketing insights and action. They were joined by Walgreens, who shared how they are reaching consumers responsibly and precisely.

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Apple IDFA & Google FLoC: How Tracking Changes Will Impact You (Event Summary)


Earlier this year, Google announced they plan to stop individual ad tracking. Apple is also altering the landscape of the advertising ecosystem with its iOS 14 IDFA (Identifier for Advertisers) update. Ad targeting, personalization, measurement and fraud detection are predicted to be negatively impacted and the implications — and potential revenue loss — for brands, ad networks, publishers are huge.

At this Insights Studio: Member Broadcast, OptiMine, Havas Media and CIMM discussed exactly how Google and Apple’s changes will impact you and why they matter, how brands should think about future-proofing their advertising measurement in an environment of increased data privacy and strategies for future success.


Matt Voda — CEO, OptiMine
Sargi Mann  — EVP, Digital Strategy, Havas Media
Moderator: Jane Clarke  — CEO, Managing Director, CIMM

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