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The Other Thread: The Debate About Cross-Media Deduplication

On June 28, media research pioneer and journalist Bill Harvey sent excerpts of his latest Media Village article to several of the industry’s leading media researchers. That article was entitled: Cross-Media Duplication Must Be Rigorously and Empirically Determined. What followed was a robust intellectual debate that outlines where the lines are drawn in the industry as far as whether virtual IDs (VIDs) can overcome issues of privacy and still provide an accurate account of campaign cross-platform duplication. We now share this jaunty and insightful exchange with our members.

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The Attention Measurement Validation Initiative: Literature Review

Attention metrics are at a pivotal point in our industry. They are moving from the lab into the marketplace. Being at the forefront of such research, the ARF is studying 23 attention measurement providers. The goals of the study are to better understand the different tools being used, their validity, reproducibility and rightful application—whether in evaluating ad creative or the media environment. In the first phase of the project, ARF researchers produced a literature review, which itself is illuminating and adds much needed context. We now offer this review to our members. In addition, the first phase will also include a comparative analysis and profiling of all the participating measurement companies. Stay tuned for this upcoming report.

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Attention and Ad Impact: The Evolution of Attention Metrics

The proliferation of media platforms, with increases in multi-tasking, has made finding ways to get consumers to pay attention to advertising more important than ever. In response, researchers have developed new methods to assess attention and the ARF has found that they can provide more direct and more accurate measurements. However, as these metrics are constantly evolving, there are open questions regarding their validity and reliability. Further, as researchers are using the term “attention” in different ways, clarity about what is meant by attention and how it is being measured is crucial.

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Systematic Sensemaking Offers Unique Insights into Market Experiences

Many researchers struggle with developing and writing about their work in a way that is relevant to advertising and marketing practices. This article offers a process—a toolkit of sorts—for crafting qualitative research that is both accessible to industry readers and impactful to the practices of advertising and marketing. A webinar link featuring the authors presenting their findings is also provided for members in the summary below.

Striking a Balance: Privacy, Personalization & Profit


Modern digital privacy laws, while well-intentioned, carry significant unintended consequences. On September 12, industry experts joined us for a virtual Town Hall and discussed the unintended consequences of privacy regulations on marketers, consumers, the industry and society—as well as shared actionable strategies that can be used to mitigate their impacts.

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Advertising Effectiveness: Performance Measurement in the New World of Privacy and Tools

  • Insights Studio

On July 26, measurement practitioners discussed how to adapt to this new era of privacy with tools for measuring ad performance effectiveness. Panelists explored new considerations for existing methods, such as marketing mix modeling (MMMs) and multi-touch attribution (MTAs), and discussed the pros and cons of various privacy enhancing technologies (PETs), including multi-party computation, clean rooms, and more.

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A Guide to Validating Marketing Performance Models

Over the last dozen years, marketers have seen numerous analytical models surface to help guide data driven decision-making. Yet, many remain unsure of how trustworthy such models are. That’s why the Attribution Working Group of the ARF Cross-Platform Measurement Council put together this guidebook to help arm all stakeholders with a basic understanding of marketing performance model validation issues. This paper includes a set of considerations and questions that encourage and facilitate dialog between end clients and model providers about the performance of marketing performance models.

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The State of Cross-Platform Metrics: The Advertiser’s Perspective

  • Cross-Platform Council Working Group

Metrics for planning, buying and evaluating buys have been in great flux, especially over the last five years. New channels have emerged, some have changed, and a multiplicity of data sources have sprouted up. To gain a better understanding of the way advertisers are navigating this complex landscape, the Online-Offline Working Group of the ARF Cross-Platform Measurement Council interviewed representatives from major advertisers and put out a report about what they learned. This report provides the advertising industry with a glimpse into how major marketers are approaching audience measurement in all the different environments.

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