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Get a “Thumbs Up” on Mobile Research


Popularity can come with a price. Although mobile survey research is increasingly popular, it often suffers from high drop-off rates. What can marketers and researchers do to reduce drop-off? This ARF-original Knowledge At Hand article identifies best practices to overcome the problem and improve mobile survey effectiveness.

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Are you Measuring your Marketing ROI Effectively?

  • Scott McDonald, The Advertising Research Foundation

John Wanamaker’s quip “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is don’t know which half” takes on new meaning with the measurement options available today. But which work best in quantifying the impact of marketing activities? The ARF’s Scott McDonald tackled the topic by providing tips on the best use of A/B tests vs. Market-Mix Models vs. Multi-Touch Attribution to measure marketing ROI.

Attitudes on Privacy & Ad Avoidance: Claims vs. Data

  • Scott C. McDonald

When you hear claims on generational differences in media and market behavior, your first reaction should be: “Show me the data.” Two such claims—that younger cohorts do not care about privacy, and that they are averse to advertising—might be misinforming strategic marketing and advertising decisions, raising the distinction between longitudinal vs. attitudinal research.

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The ARF Supports ANA’s Raising 2020 Census Concerns

Troubling. Bias. Distortion. Why would the ANA use these words in a letter to the U.S. Government expressing concern about the impact of the 2020 Census on marketing quality? Learn about what led them to act, why the ARF supports them, and possibly join them in sharing your views before the feedback period ends on August 7, 2018.

Why Re-Testing “Truths” Is Good Practice

  • Marla B. Royne, Great Oaks Foundation professor of marketing and chair at the U. of Memphis Fogelman College of Business & Economics Dept of Market & Supply Chain Mgt.

Should the marketing community support repeating a study, when so much value is placed on new research? The answer may be a resounding “Yes.” Learn why repeating a study matters, especially when marketers seek transparency and data-based support for recommendations — and how advertising research might need to change.

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Pocket Guide to Basic Research Marketing Tools

  • Bob Walker, Surveys & Forecasts, LLC

Problem solved! You no longer need to fumble to describe basic marketing research test approaches – or be frustrated at having to define them again and again. This Pocket Guide to Basic Research Tools with its clear definitions, applications, pros/cons and other perspectives for 10 key concepts, plus short definitions for a dozen more, will save time for those who explain and those who need explanations.

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Data Ethics: How Can the Ad Industry Address Concerns?

The complexity of issues surrounding data ethics and advertising were front and center at the ARF’s first Town Hall on the topic, held on April 26. With probing questions such as “Who owns your data?,” “How will GDPR affect U.S. practices?,” and “What are the merits of new laws vs. self-regulation?,” the session surfaced a range of views and generated healthy discussion.

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