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On March 23, the conference opens its doors as a hybrid event in New York, in Midtown Manhattan! With a focus on “Meaningful Attention”, this eye square conference invites you to meet thought leaders from the frontiers of implicit market research and executives hailing from the FMCG, social media, and film industries. Meaningful Attention is the latest in a series of conferences put on by eye square, highlighting the intersection of man and machine. These events are inspired by Vannevar Bush’s article “Memex” (1945). They are geared towards collaboration and sharing between marketers, human experience experts, media researchers, and young Academics. Register for the Onsite event and get your physical seat here: (In Person $350) Register for the virtual event: ($120, the full amount will be donated) https://www.memex-conference.co

March 23, 2023

Super Bowl instant replay: Game-changing insights from winning ads

In this webcast, you will learn the secrets to maximizing Super Bowl ad impact from iSpot Founder and CEO Sean Muller and iSpot Chief of Insights Peter Daboll.


Building Authentic Connections in Unpredictable Times – NYC

In our rapidly evolving world, brands must be agile to keep up with ever-changing consumer preferences. But don’t let agility come at the expense of authenticity. In uncertain times, it’s more important than ever that your consumers know who you are and what you stand for. As HawkPartners prepares to release our annual Brand Authenticity Index, we are gathering to discuss how Brand Authenticity should be woven into your brand’s decision-making process to build stronger connections with consumers.

September 28th | 6pm ET

A Closer Look at Advertising Effectiveness

Join System1 on Sept. 14, 1-5 pm ET at the Hard Rock Hotel New York – The Venue on Music Row to hear author and Chief Innovation Officer at System1, Orlando Wood, present his latest book with the IPA, Look out, a study of attention and its implications for advertising effectiveness. The event will be hosted by Jon Evans, System1’s Chief Customer Officer and creator of the Uncensored CMO podcast. Following Orlando’s session, Ty Heath, Director, Market Engagement for The B2B Institute at LinkedIn, will join Jon to discuss diversity in advertising and how to create inclusive brand-building campaigns. Enjoy drinks, food and networking following the presentations.

Sept. 14, 1-5 pm ET

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