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Webinar: The Power of Emotion: Leveraging Implicit Insights for Political Messaging Impact

In today’s political landscape, it’s clear that the messages that resonate with voters are not just heard, they are felt. Understanding unbiased voter reactions to news, events, candidates, and issues, is instrumental to optimizing political messaging. Discover how to go beyond traditional research and tap into the power of emotions that drive public opinion (and behavior). Join us for a webinar designed to deepen the understanding of implicit insights into the effectiveness and relevance of political messaging. What You’ll Learn This webinar will explore how biometric emotional reactions of voters gathered over time aid the development of highly effective and impactful political communication strategies. Who should attend – Political analysts – Campaign strategists – Broadcasters – Political research agencies More details on event link. Register now!

March 28, 2024

TV Disrupt 2024

Countdown to TV Disrupt is on! Don’t miss out on the TV measurement industry’s flagship event hosted by iSpot. Register: Hear from the industry’s brightest minds in NYC covering: – Brand and performance marketing convergence in modernizing measurement – Groundbreaking research from second-by-second audience measurement – Cross-screen reach and share of voice case study Dive into the transformative effects of breaking down measurement walls between creative, audience, and outcomes. Seats are limited – secure yours now!

April 9, 2024

“The Power of Emotion: Unlocking Impression Quality” Mediaprobe Webinar | (Zoom)

Discover “The Power of Emotion” for advertising effectiveness with Pedro Almeida, PhD, CEO and Co-founder of Mediaprobe. Join us for an online session that explores the emotional impact created by premium TV content and its role in determining true audience engagement and brand resonance. We will reveal insights from top-performing brands and properties and demonstrate how viewer engagement with TV content directly influences advertising outcomes. -Gain insights into predicting and optimizing brand recall through the emotional reactions driven by content. -Learn how to maximize sponsorship ROI by choosing impactful properties, integrating brands during key moments, and identifying high-value “white spaces” for sponsorship insertion. -Discover the secrets behind successful ad break positioning and the first-in-break or last-in-break advantage, using real examples from prime-time TV. -Decode Mediaprobe’s Emotional Impact Score and its role in brand recall and ad effectiveness.

November 29, 2023

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