The ARF Establishes Research Quality Certification Program

Driving the effort to close the widening industry “trust gap,” The ARF has launched its Research Quality Certification Program, created to raise the standards and increase the transparency of advertising and marketing studies. A key element of certification program includes making study data available for public review and reanalysis.

Attention, Please!


How to get consumers to pay attention to advertising, widely seen as antecedent to ad success, has been an important issue for marketers for decades. The ever expanding increase in media vehicles and platforms – with increased multitasking – has arguably made this issue more important than ever. At the same time, new research, including studies that were presented at the AudiencexScience conference, are generating new insights, but also new questions, on the value of “attention”.

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Do Multicultural Audiences Watch TV Differently than Whites Do?

  • J. P. James (Salem State University); Tyrha M. Lindsey-Warren (Baylor University)

For decades, researchers and media planners have argued whether television-audience measurement has kept pace with the nation’s increasing diversity. Citing differences in triggers between Asians, Blacks, Hispanics, and Whites that lead to greater or less TV consumption, this study calls for a measurement standard that incorporates the multiculturalism of the audience, programming genre, technology use, and demographics.

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How Marketers Use AI to Navigate the Consumer Journey

  • Jan Kietzmann, Jeannette Paschen, and Emily Treen

As the consumer journey becomes increasingly complex, many marketers are turning to artificial intelligence to decipher it. But how does it actually help them be more effective at understanding and reaching consumers at different stages? A trio of academics explained how AI is transforming advertising.


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