Findings from the 2nd Annual ARF Privacy Study

What has changed in the last year about U.S. consumers’ time spent on digital devices, the data they are willing to share, their understanding of websites’ privacy policies, and their trust levels? The ARF 2nd Annual Privacy Study answers these questions overall and for a number of population segments.

Tips on Succeeding in the Changing Research Ecosystem

  • Based on the ARF 5/19 Women in Analytics

The Women in Analytics May 22, 2019, event focused on “The New Researcher.” Four speakers offered unique perspectives on two aspects of evolution required to navigate the changing ecosystem successfully: how to organize your team to meet new demands and what leadership skills are needed to succeed and ways to develop them. Read more.

Are Data Challenges Killing ROI Models?

  • Gian Fulgoni

Marketers have hit a wall in their ability to accurately measure ROI across their media mix—a result of limited access to consumer data by walled gardens such as Google, Facebook, and Amazon, as well as privacy constraints. Author Gian Fulgoni suggests two paths analysts can pursue to address this.

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Reciprocate on Shared Data, or Lose Customers

  • Natasha Hritzuk

Customer concern about the lack of control over the ownership of their data has generated new challenges for companies to create meaningful and easily understood data policies. A WarnerMedia (formerly Turner) study revealed what customers are willing to share—and why companies that reciprocate by explaining the benefits of sharing can minimize the risk of losing customers.

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How Segmenting by Attitudes vs. Values Can Help Predict Online Behaviors

  • Stephan Scheuffelen, Jan Kemper, & Malte Brettel

Which segment base can help marketers accurately predict online shopping behaviors? This study used data from a German online apparel retailer to create a model that showed much more differentiated click-through behaviors resulting from segmenting by fashion and online-shopping attitudes, than by value-based segmentation.

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Is TV Still Best for Brand Building? Advertisers Say, “Show Me”

  • Artie Bulgrin

Television is still the best screen for brand building, according to viewership and other data —despite the proliferation of media and entertainment options. The difficulty of measuring TV’s effectiveness accurately undermines advertisers’ confidence in its value, author Artie Bulgrin warns, as he underscores the importance of standardized, cross-platform measures.

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