How AI & ML Are Being Used Now

  • Joan FitzGerald, Data ImpacX; Hillary Haley, RPA; Anita Lynch, Disney|ABC Television Group; Alice Sylvester, Sequent Partners; and Audrey Thompson, Oracle Data Cloud

Hot terms or hotly contested terms? Although “artificial intelligence” and “machine learning” (aka AI and ML) are increasingly part of the marketing conversation, experts debate about how extensively they are being used today. See how leading marketers, agencies and researchers define AI and ML and how they are currently applying these concepts to drive business.

Get a “Thumbs Up” on Mobile Research

  • The Advertising Research Foundation

Popularity can come with a price. Although mobile survey research is increasingly popular, it often suffers from high drop-off rates. What can marketers and researchers do to reduce drop-off? This ARF-original Knowledge At Hand article identifies best practices to overcome the problem and improve mobile survey effectiveness.

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How Big Is Ad Avoidance?

  • Josh Chasin, Chief Research Officer at comScore

What if your most desirable consumers avoided ads? This ComScore presentation shows increasing ad avoidance, especially among younger and higher income consumers, and reveals patterns that threaten traditional TV watching. The implication: marketers, in particular those relying on linear TV, need to examine how they manage ad campaigns today and in the future.

Can Context Make Advertising More Effective?

Does advertising context affect consumers’ perceptions and response to the advertising? If so, how does context affect ad performance? This ARF Knowledge at Hand identifies reasons why ignoring context can be risky, based on a review of six decades of research, and suggests best practices for marketers to enhance their strategies and increase advertising effectiveness.

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A More Flexible Approach to Measuring Engagement

  • Bobby J. Calder, Mathew S. Isaac, Edward C. Malthouse

How can marketers more effectively measure consumer engagement in this increasingly complex media world? Although one-size-fits-all scales may be appropriate in some product areas, a broader definition of engagement—together with an approach that takes into account media context and customer goals—can provide new insights that enhance advertising effectiveness.

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How to Leverage Online and Offline Chats to Boost Sales

  • Koen Pauwels, Ph.D. – Marketing Professor at Northeastern University, Ed Keller – CEO at Engagement Labs

While online social media listening often gets more attention, offline word-of-mouth also produces a major contribution to sales. What different roles do they play? How does their contribution differ by category? How can the two be best managed together? A study of 21 brands across five categories provides seven findings that brands can use to advantage.

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Real Time Data Into Behavioral Insights

  • Elaine Rodrigo
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Stand Up, Show Up and Be Heard

  • Women in Analytics

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