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Using Bluetooth to Measure Audience Reach of Outdoor Ads

  • Bill Page, Zachary Anesbury, Sophia Moshakis, Alicia Grasby (all at Ehrenberg-Bass Institute for Marketing Science, Univ. of South Australia)

Good news for out-of-home advertisers: A method using Bluetooth technology measures important details that up until recently were available only for television advertising. With it, market researchers can estimate the frequency of exposure and level of unduplicated reach for outdoor advertising, while media buyers and campaign managers can examine their targeted audiences more thoroughly.

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How Portrayals of Female Size Are Changing in Advertising

  • Kathrynn Pounders (UT at Austin)

When it comes to evoking female beauty in advertisements, brands and agencies are learning a tough lesson: you can’t please everyone. A body of research shows that consumers increasingly express the desire for greater inclusion and diversity in images representing body shape, and size—yet, many advertisers view moving in that direction as risky, given mixed results from other research in this area.

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