Four Tips to Boost Ad Attentiveness

  • Mike Follett, Managing Director at Lumen Research

The eyes have it! An eye tracking company’s analysis of thousands of viewable impressions, accompanied by a client case study, yielded four insights that can boost digital display advertising attentiveness and gave evidence that lifting attentiveness positively impacts sales. That’s nothing to blink at.

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Deriving Social Insights by Mining Meta Data

  • Preriit Souda, Consultant, Data Science & Strategic Insights, Independent

How sad to get only a fraction of the available insights from social media! You can change that by using a new approach to link a range of data related to social posts, thereby generating more information about your followers’ attitudes, behaviors, and experiences.

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6 Second Ads: Who, How, & When To Use

  • Paul Donato, The ARF, and Dan Schiffman, TVision

In three minutes get the scoop on how :06 ads work in linear TV. This original study from The ARF and TVision provides new information on the prevalence of :06s, who is using them, and how they perform. The findings inform buyers and sellers and give guidance for future work.

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How Can a Celebrity’s Smile Make a Difference?

  • Jasmina Ilicic (Monash Univ.), Alicia Kulczynski & Stacey Baxter (The Univ. of Newcastle)

This may bring a smile to your face. A celebrity’s smile can go a long way toward improving perceptions about an ad and purchase intent, especially when it’s perceived as genuine. The quality of a smile can even help to offset negative attitudes toward the celebrity, which can help brands minimize the need to replace celebrity talent, if a celebrity “falls from grace.”

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Targeting under the Microscope

  • Debate: Has Targeting Gone Too Far?
  • Gian Fulgoni – Former Chairman, CEO and Co-Founder, comScore, Inc. Radha Subramanyam, Ph.D – Chief Research & Analytics Officer, CBS Television
  • Dave Morgan – CEO, Simulmedia Yin Woon Rani – VP, Integrated Marketing, Campbell Soup Company
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Better Outcomes from Experimental Design & Continually Testing

  • Kathy Dykeman, Director, Marketing Science at Facebook “Marketing Effectiveness in the Digital Era”

How Do Mobile Ads Fare In Games vs. TV Streams?

  • Bryce Quayle - SVP & General Manager at LRW, Karen Ring - Head of Research/Insights at Telaria

Can games be an effective platform for mobile advertisers? This study gave mobile in-game video ads a thumbs up for reaching consumers of all ages, based on how gamers interacted with and responded to these ads. The numbers compared favorably to reactions for mobile in-stream TV ads, suggesting a new opportunity for advertisers.

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Do Mobile Video Ads + TV Ads = More Impact?

  • Gregory Cappello, SVP Marketing at Kargo

How much does the combination of TV and mobile video ads improve attention and memory vs. either alone? Is there an ideal mix of the two? New research explores how to optimize ad impact when TV :30s are paired with mobile pre-roll :30s and :06s in mobile editorial – a timely topic, as mobile growth outpaces TV’s.

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