How an Ad Agency’s Structure Drives Creative Output

  • Huw O’Connor & Mark Kilgour (Univ. of Waikato), Scott Koslow (Macquarie Univ.), and Sheila Sasser (Eastern Michigan Univ.)

What is the optimal organizational structure for developing ad campaigns at agencies? A study of 554 ad campaigns—based on interviews with ad-agency professionals at firms representing major markets in Australia and New Zealand—found that not all structural configurations lead to the best creative output.

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How Data Science Is Upending the Ad Profession

  • John Deighton, Harvard Business School

What constitutes today’s “Mad Men” (or Women)? Clearly, data-driven marketing communications and customer management have changed the ad profession. But in the future who’s going to do the actual work of marketing, and which institutions will dominate? Harvard’s John Deighton dissects a media world dominated by the Internet’s “walled gardens,” IT consultants, and unrecognizable ad firms.

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Targeting under the Microscope

  • Debate: Has Targeting Gone Too Far?
  • Gian Fulgoni – Former Chairman, CEO and Co-Founder, comScore, Inc. Radha Subramanyam, Ph.D – Chief Research & Analytics Officer, CBS Television
  • Dave Morgan – CEO, Simulmedia Yin Woon Rani – VP, Integrated Marketing, Campbell Soup Company
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Better Outcomes from Experimental Design & Continually Testing

  • Kathy Dykeman, Director, Marketing Science at Facebook “Marketing Effectiveness in the Digital Era”

When Measuring an Ad’s Success, Less is More

  • Lawrence Ang (Macquarie Univ. - AU), Martin Eisend (European Univ. - DE)

Who doesn’t like less complex and less costly solutions, if similar results are achieved? This study claims to deliver on that goal by validating the single-item measurement approach (preferred by practitioners) vs. using multiple measures of attitudes (preferred by academics. It’s a welcome outcome in the current era of decreasing survey response rates and respondents’ attention spans.

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ARF: How to Improve Digital Targets

The ARF has announced two new efforts to tackle data quality questions:

Data Labeling Initiative – with the ANA’s Data Marketing & Analytics division, the IAB Tech Lab, and the Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement (CIMM).

Data Validation Initiative – independently conducting research to determine whether surveys can be used to measure the accuracy of those targets.

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