Context Effects: The Impact of TV Ads On Subsequent Ads

  • Michael Sankey, Ph.D.; Mark Truss
  • Forethought; JWT

To tackle the rarely studied topic of how a TV commercial affects ones that follow, this study analyzed the halo effects of two types of ads with important findings. Among them, it showed that an ad evoking negative feelings, such as anger or fear, can affect the ad that follows in terms of ad evaluations, brand perceptions, and purchase intent. The authors also raised a question regarding context in programmatic buys.

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Who Cleaned Up at This Year’s David Ogilvy Awards?

P&G’s Mr. Clean swept up the Grand Ogilvy Award at the ARF’s 2018 David Ogilvy Awards. The brand’s “Cleaner of Your Dreams” campaign was recognized for outstanding insight to drive superior advertising. In addition to the Grand Prize, the ARF handed Gold, Silver, and Bronze awards across five categories. Other top winners included Budweiser, Farmers Insurance, Rice Krispies Treats, Honey Nut Cheerios, and the Truth campaign.

Toward a More Precise Measure of Television

  • Paul Donato; Jim Spaeth; Alice K. Sylvester
  • Nielsen; Sequent Partners

What refinements to TV data will improve ROI modeling?
This research study by the CRE’s ROI committee examined how different approaches to four TV measures used in models affected granularity, precision and accuracy. Findings showed the impact of varying some factors and noted others that are being changed to address concerns.

ARF Original Research: How Context Affects ROI

  • Chris Bacon, Horst Stipp, ARF ORIGINAL RESEARCH

This addition to the ARF’s Context Effect Project provides compelling evidence for the impact of context effects on advertising effectiveness, based on an exhaustive literature search and original ARF research. While the review notes that there is no simple one-size-fits-all rule, it provides insights that can help marketing, agency and research executives who seek to improve advertising outcomes.

Neuroscience Behind Better Creative

  • Carl Marci, M.D. – Chief Neuroscientist, Nielsen Consumer Neuroscience; David F. Poltrack – CRO, CBS Corporation; President, CBS VISION; ARF Board Chair; Leslie Wood – CRO, Nielsen Catalina Solutions

Great creative can drive a 15x lift in incremental sales over ineffective creative, according to this study from CBS, Nielsen Catalina Solutions, and Nielsen Consumer Neuroscience. But how do you know what great creative is before it goes on air? This study shows how a combination of neuroscience tools can help identify what makes creative great.

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ARF at Cannes Daily: Insights come from Understanding the Contradictions in the Data

  • Eric Salama, CEO Kantar Group
  • Marc Rappin, CMO, ARF
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ARF at Cannes Daily: Beyond Delivery and Tracking of the Message. How is the Power of the Message Driving Outcomes?

  • Dawn Hudson, EVP Chief Marketing Officer, NFL
  • Marc Rappin, CMO, ARF