Leadership, Networking and Advancing Your Career

Our communities are Member-led and ARF facilitated peer groups formed around key topics, career goals and purpose. Each community has its own ongoing, online conversation that you can be a part of, working groups and special events for strengthening peer-to-peer connections and mentoring and co-mentoring opportunities.

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The Young Pros hold leadership, networking, and professional development events throughout the year with a focus on cultivating talent and connecting young people to leading industry thinkers.

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The mission of the ARF Women in Analytics is to advance the analytics industry by moving the needle on gender equality. Through events, by evangelizing female leadership, and creating a co-mentoring environment, we hope to inspire, motivate, and energize women.

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The ARF Councils focus on key initiatives that allow members a deeper opportunity to engage, learn, and discuss the topics that matter most to them. Key to the Councils is the ability to keep the conversation going throughout the year through meetings, emails, communities, and networking.

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