Past Event Highlights

The Future of Qual

  • by Danielle Zito (Ipsos), Young Pros Officer

In 2022 the ARF Cultural Effectiveness Council conducted 18 in-depth interviews (IDIs) with senior research executives via Teams and Zoom to understand how the 'Future of Qual' would evolve with rapidly changing qualitative methods and the urgency across industries to understand cultural shifts. Council members Chloe Stromberg of LinkedIn and Anne Kaplan of Paramount, who worked on this project, presented what the Council learned from these interviews. Their presentation was followed by a panel discussion with a mix of Council members (Tony D’Andrea of General Mills and Tristan Marra of GLAAD) and culture-savvy researchers outside the Council (Danie Hemsley of Cassandra and Kendra Clarke, former Senior Director, Head of Experience Research and Design, Core Technologies at Twitter), led by Council Co-Chair Janelle James of Ipsos. The presentation and discussion focused on how qualitative research is evolving, how it can overcome its challenges —particularly those related to diversity and cultural understanding—and best practices for conducting qual research, moving forward.

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Courageous Career Moments: Overcome Fears and Bet on Yourself


The June 13th Women in Analytics virtual event consisted of two parts:

1) The rebroadcast of the “Courageous Career Moments: Overcome Fears and Bet on Yourself” recording originally held as an in-person breakfast at AUDIENCExSCIENCE. The panel included Aarti Bhaskaran, Global Lead, Ad Research & Insights, Snap Inc., LaToya Christian, Managing Partner, GroupM, Colleen Funkey, VP, Consumer Insights, The Estée Lauder Companies, Renata Policicio, SVP, Research, Direct to Consumer and Streaming, Warner Bros. Discovery and was moderated by Mary Ann Packo, Senior Partner, Hypothesis Group.

2) The second part of this event was a live panel discussion which included Aarti Bhaskaran, Global Lead, Ad Research & Insights, Snap Inc., LaToya Christian, Managing Partner, GroupM, Divya Kaur, VP, Marketing Science for Kinesso, Siani Kiyonaga, Product Strategy, Senior Manager for Toyota Financial Services and was moderated by Mary Ann Packo, Senior Partner, Hypothesis Group.

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On June 7, 2023, attention economy experts came together in NYC to share case studies and participate in engaging discussions on the attention measurement landscape. Plus, attendees heard a recap of the issues debated at AUDIENCExSCIENCE and an update on Phase I of the ARF Attention Validation Initiative, an empirically based evaluation of the rapidly developing market for attention measurement and prediction.

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Demystifying the Multigenerational Workplace

  • By Felicity Stevens, Nestle UK

On May 18th, 2023, ARF Young Pros met to discuss how generational differences can affect behavioural preferences and tendencies in the workplace. Multigenerational teams are the new normal with at least four generations in the workforce today. Age correlates less and less with expertise and authority and the need for effective collaboration across generations is therefore more valuable than ever.

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A Layman’s Guide to Cross Media Reach & Frequency Measurement Using Virtual IDs

  • By Niraj Patel, Horizon Media, Young Pros Officer

On May 17, the ARF Analytics Council explored the groundbreaking concept of Virtual IDs (VIDs) and their potential to revolutionize cross-media measurement. The essential mechanics of VIDs were explained in a non-technical manner to help professionals across media and advertising understand it better. Panelists shared how VIDs could overcome barriers in calculating cross-media and device reach and frequency.

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Inclusion by Design in Pharma Research and Marketing

  • Pharma Council

This ARF Pharma Council event followed up on the Council’s podcast episode on “Inclusive Futures of Humancare,” focusing on the importance of inclusiveness in pharma research and marketing with respect to both demographic characteristics and health conditions.  Four speakers delivered brief presentations, followed by a discussion moderated by Pharma Council Co-Chair Marjorie Reedy of Merck.

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The ARF hosted its annual flagship conference, AUDIENCExSCIENCE 2023, on April 25-26, 2023. The industry’s biggest names and brightest minds came together to share new insights on the impact of changing consumer behavior on brands, insights into TV consumption, campaign measurement and effectiveness, whether all impressions are equal, join-up solutions across multiple media, the validity, reliability and predictive power of Attention measures, targeting diverse audiences, privacy’s effect on advertising and the impact of advertising in new formats. Keynotes were presented by Tim Hwang, author of Subprime Attention Crisis, Robert L. Santos of the U.S. Census Bureau, Brian Wieser of Madison and Wall, LLC and Andrea Zapata of Warner Bros. Discovery.

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How to Win an ARF David Ogilvy Award: Best Practices & Tips

On April 13, 2023, the ARF hosted a best practices and tips session about how to win an ARF David Ogilvy Award. The ARF held this event to invite and encourage a wider pool of applicants and improve the quality of the entries. Two veteran Grand Jurors, Ann Green, SVP, Client Partner at Kantar and Abby Hollister, Principal at Formative Insights, demystified what constitutes an excellent written explanation and its winning ingredients. Rachel Rodgers, SVP of Creative Excellence at Ipsos introduced and closed the session.

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