Past Event Highlights

Identity Resolution Group: Demystifying Data Cleanrooms

  • By Claudia Chang (Clear Channel Outdoor, Young Pros Officer)
  • ARF Cross-Platform Measurement Council

Data clean room technology has had a place in the advertising ecosystem for years but has become increasingly prominent in today’s landscape where major disruptions in data governance and privacy are emerging. Data cleanroom companies provide environments for two or more companies to share first-party data in a neutral, secure, privacy-compliant manner. They are used for activation, media measurement, and insights. At this event, Working Group Chair Sable Mi (VP of Analytics, Epsilon) moderated a powerful discussion with guests Alya Adelman (Director of Product, Blockgraph), Devon DeBlasio (VP of Product Marketing, InfoSum), Matt Karasick (Chief Product Officer, Habu), and Alysia Melisaratos (Head of Solutions Engineering, LiveRamp) to unpack the value that data clean rooms can provide.

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Influencer Engagement, Ad Disengagement, Co-Branding Recall and Sponsorship ROI


At this Insights Studio, authors from India, Hong Kong and the U.S. showcased their work published in the Journal of Advertising Research on why consumers follow influencers, why people tune out of advertising, what triggers memory and recognition of brands that co-appear in ads, and whether brands are overspending on sport sponsorships. In the concluding Q&A, talking points included parallels of engagement and context effects between the different themes, KPIs in attention and sales outcomes, influencers’ roles as media and creative, and risks for strong brand personalities in sports sponsorships.

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How to Win an ARF David Ogilvy Award: Best Practices & Tips

On April 27, 2022, the ARF hosted a best practices and tips session about how to win an ARF David Ogilvy Award. The ARF held this event to invite and encourage a wider pool of applicants and improve the quality of the entries. Two veteran Grand Jurors, Ann Green, SVP, Client Partner at Kantar and Abby Hollister, Principal at Formative Insights, demystified what constitutes an excellent written explanation and its winning ingredients.

We have extended the 2022 ARF David Ogilvy Awards deadline -- you now have until June 3 to enter!

Cross-Platform Measurement Council: Marketers Talk Metrics

  • By Jenny Lu, Google, Young Pros Officer

On April 26, 2022, the ARF Offline-Online Metric's Working Group brought together three marketers to discuss their needs and priorities on online-offline metrics, exploring current topics such as reconciling digital and traditional metrics, emergence of new currencies, first-party data/identity resolution, and the advent of streaming. Working Group Chair Charles Buchwalter moderated a dynamic discussion with guests Christine Beaufait (Cross-Brand Program Manager, GM), Karen Chisholm (Transformation Analytics Director, Pernod Ricard), and Jeremy Wasson (Global Media and Data - ROI Engine Sr. Director, PepsiCo).

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The ARF hosted its annual audience measurement conference, AUDIENCExSCIENCE, on April 12-14, 2022. The industry’s biggest names and brightest minds took part in spirited discussions and shared their latest work on the industry’s most pressing issues, such as the transition to a multi-currency market, measurement and media predictions and generational marketing.

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Strategies for Managing Internal and External Relationships


On April 7, the Women in Analytics Group held a mentoring meet-up about strategies for managing internal and external relationships. Ramla Jarrar, Founder & CEO of Mass Analytics and Therese Glennon, VP at Bristol Myers Squibb, shared best practices for building and maintaining relationships in-person and remotely. After the mini talks, each speaker met with half of the attendees and then switched groups to meet with the other half of the attendees.

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