Past Event Highlights

Ageism & Inclusivity in Advertising


On December 5, 2023, marketing, agency and media leaders who contend with ageism in advertising, joined us to share how they are actively working on solutions to create a more inclusive landscape. Attendees learned about the economic power of consumers over 40, strategies for brands to connect with them, ways to leverage the subconscious associations of aging to pave an inclusive path forward, and the significance of TikTok as a hub for communities in the mature market.

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2023 Attribution & Analytics Accelerator

The Attribution & Analytics Accelerator returned for its eighth year as the only event focused exclusively on attribution, marketing mix models, in-market testing and the science of marketing performance measurement. The boldest and brightest minds took the stage to share their latest innovations and case studies. Modelers, marketers, researchers and data scientists gathered in NYC to quicken the pace of innovation, fortify the science and galvanize the industry toward best practices and improved solutions. Content is available to event attendees and ARF members.

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A Peek Behind the Curtain at How AI Judged the David Ogilvy Awards

  • Summary by Alexander Cammy, Creative Council Young Pros Officer

During this ARF Creative Council event, the Council further explored the results of the AI model experiment to predict the winners of the 2023 ARF David Ogilvy awards, building on the initial presentation of these results at the Creative Effectiveness Event.  Council Member Pedr Howard (Ipsos) presented additional results now that the actual winners are known.  Lynnete Wong (Oglivy) of the 2023 Grand Ogilvy Award winning team talked about the kinds of research her agency undertook to develop the winning campaign for Samsung.  The two of them then joined a panel with Council member Belle Frank (VMLY&R) to discuss the implications of the experiment and the growing role of AI in advertising and advertising research.  Council Member Bill Day (Magid) moderated the panel.

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Brand Safety, Social Targeting, and Who Needs Highly Creative Ads?


At this Insights Studio, JAR authors in Australia, China and the U.S. presented their recently published research on topics that some in industry may consider controversial. One found evidence of brand safety risks in programmatic advertising when ads were placed in negative news environments, contradicting some industry research. Another discovered social targeting spillover effects that suggest advertisers rethink conventional targeting methods. Other work came with unexpected findings: that highly creative advertising—although important for attracting attention—can have harmful effects on familiar brands, while benefiting unfamiliar brands. In the concluding Q&A, panelists explored aspects of brand recall relevant to their research, and whether brand size and other media channels would affect their results.

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Navigating the Evolving Media Landscape

  • OTT 2023

The media landscape continues to evolve, arguably at a faster rate than ever. Leading media and measurement experts presented research-based insights on how viewers use different forms of TV/video on various platforms. Attendees joined us at the Warner Bros. Discovery Studios in California and via livestream to understand the latest data and discussions of the data’s implications.

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DEI Backlash?

  • Summary by Agustina Perez Blua (Google)
  • Cultural Effectiveness Council

On October 18, the Cultural Effectiveness Council examined how the diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) environment may have changed after a period of reinvigorated commitment in the wake of widespread protests following the George Floyd case. Experts discussed the current state of DE&I in media, marketing, and advertising and how to navigate it, as well as examples of inclusive advertising that have both boosted brand sales and experienced backlash.

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How Do You Stimulate Great Creative and Measure It?


At our second annual Creative Effectiveness event, industry visionaries discussed the perspectives, theories, and resources they employ to develop and measure great creative. Attendees joined us in New York City or via livestream to hear fresh insights on the advertising landscape: from using AI as a stimulus for creative to extracting behavioral data and using that to try and inspire creative. Immediately after, we honored the teams behind insights-driven advertising with the ARF David Ogilvy Awards ceremony and dinner. The Gold, Silver and Bronze winners were announced, as well as the reveal of this year’s prestigious Grand Ogilvy Award recipient.

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