Trustworthy Accountability Group

TAG Rolls Out ‘Approved’ List and Payment IDs to Fight Ad Fraud: Group Takes Aim at Fraudsters With Two-Step Verification Process

TAG, the marketing industry’s Trustworthy Accountability Group announced a new anti-fraud initiative, “Verified by TAG,”  which consists of two components: a registry of “verified” companies, and a new payment-identification system. The goal of this initiative is to bring transparency to the digital ad ecosystem.

Companies in the digital ad supply chain can now apply to the TAG Registry to be verified by TAG as a trusted advertising party. Registered companies will receive a TAG-issued ID that will identify their ads to partners in the supply chain.

According to TAG’s CEO, Mike Zaneis, “This is a first-of-its kind program to create an evergreen market of buyers and sellers with lots of different channels.”

TAG is also introducing a payment-identification system.  The goal of this system is to create a record of who gets paid for every impression, and therefore, prevent criminals from receiving ad dollars by selling fake impressions on sites they list in ad exchanges.

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