Q&A with Mondelez’s Jonathan Halvorson

As part of the WARC x Ogilvy “Image to Impact” report, Jonathan Halvorson – Global VP – Consumer Experience, Mondelez International – spoke about navigating media fragmentation, balancing the art and science of marketing and why authentic purpose can make an impact.

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Brands’ Social Stance and Consumer Behavior

As brand leaders increasingly feel motivated — or pressured — to take a stance on societal issues, Morning Consult’s study explored whether ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) positions translate to changes in consumer behavior. The findings offer new insights into the attitudes and behaviors of different consumer types. Read more »

What Smartphone Buyers Want

A new survey finds that hardware features remain important when choosing a smartphone. However, around the world, financial and environmental considerations are climbing up buyers’ agendas.

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Earth Day at 52

Born to combat pollution, environmentalism’s annual observance is poised to inspire more than ever—if governments, the public and brands can figure out what it means now. Read more »

How You Can Get Involved with ARF WIDE

ARF WIDE is working to create pathways for talented college students with an interest in research and insights who come with lived experiences and perspectives not currently well-represented in the industry. Our goal is to help build a diverse talent pipeline that represents today’s consumer, filled with those who understand varying cultural backgrounds and are able to connect with them through their own experiences and ultimately be more effective at generating new research insights and outcomes. Read more »

Emphasizing the Negative Builds Trust in CSR Environmental Messaging


As counterintuitive as it sounds, this study shows that companies in environmentally unfriendly industries are perceived as more trustworthy when they use negatively framed messaging focused on reducing the damaging impact of their production processes, rather than on positively framed messages that tout benefits. Building such trust, in turn, elicits favorable consumer intentions and behaviors.

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