Navigating the Evolving Media Landscape

  • OTT 2023

The media landscape continues to evolve, arguably at a faster rate than ever. Leading media and measurement experts presented research-based insights on how viewers use different forms of TV/video on various platforms. Attendees joined us at the Warner Bros. Discovery Studios in California and via livestream to understand the latest data and discussions of the data’s implications.

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DEI Backlash?

  • Summary by Agustina Perez Blua (Google)
  • Cultural Effectiveness Council

On October 18, the Cultural Effectiveness Council examined how the diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) environment may have changed after a period of reinvigorated commitment in the wake of widespread protests following the George Floyd case. Experts discussed the current state of DE&I in media, marketing, and advertising and how to navigate it, as well as examples of inclusive advertising that have both boosted brand sales and experienced backlash.

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How to Measure Trust in Brands

A new study indicates that most measures of brand trust are flawed because they are based on questionable assumptions about consumers’ understanding of “trust”.  Read more »

Cause-Related Ad Effectiveness

An analysis by the ARF concludes that ads with cause-related messages can be effective, but many are not. Future research should focus on which kinds of messages are most effective among different consumer groups. Read more »

The Great Resignation in the Advertising/Research Industries Part 2 – Is It Over?

For this event, the Organizational Working Group within the Analytics Council conducted a follow-up survey to its May survey on the Great Resignation.  Once again, the Working Group partnered with Dynata on this survey. For this round, questions were added on job satisfaction, return to office, company culture, and the role of corporate social responsibility. Steve Millman of Dynata, who chairs the Working Group, reported on the results at this event.  Michael Butts, CEO of executive recruiting firm Burtch Works, also reported on surveys of its database of analytics and insights professionals.  The presentations were followed by a discussion on workplace trends and issues in our industries with Millman, Butts, and three other executives on the front lines of recruitment and talent management in advertising and research:

  • Renee Cassard, Chief Research Officer at Omnicom Media Group
  • Liz Osterhus, President, Chief Human Resources Officer at Ipsos, NA
  • Will Poindexter, Senior Partner & Enterprise Technology Practice Leader at Bain & Company.

The discussion was moderated by the ARF’s Chief Research Officer, Paul Donato. Millman’s presentation compared the respondents who said that they worked in advertising, advertising technology, media, or market research (“Our industries”) to those employed in other industries (“Industries”). The answer to the question posed in the title is undeniably “Yes” for both those in our industry and outside, according to just about every measure collected in the survey.  However, substantially more employees in our industries reported being contacted for recruiting efforts than others. They also tended to be more responsive to such efforts.  See below for more details on the survey results and subsequent conversation.

The Impact of Bodily Autonomy on Brand Marketing: Insights for Marketers

As civil liberties continue to be politicized, advertisers have a growing expectation to be part of the solution and fill the trust gap between consumers, government, and media. On February 7, Mindshare and GroupM unveiled new research examining the sentiments of those most impacted—voices who have been historically marginalized and underrepresented in media and society—by the eroding rights to privacy. Further topics of discussion included the future of using “women’s empowerment” in marketing campaigns and the larger economic implications when bodily autonomy rights are lost.