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KaH: Understanding Biases in Panel and Census Research Using AI/ML

Numerous biases can impact panel and census research. While some believe that artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) offer easy ways to circumvent them, the truth is, algorithms can perpetuate such biases. This is true of surveys, panels and the big data sets that are often used to calibrate each other. The following report covers the numerous biases that can occur, where they may infiltrate panel and census research that use AI/ML and mitigation efforts to account for them. Read the article.

MSI: Do Ad-Blockers Help — or Hurt — Consumers?

The emerging digital advertising ecosystem is rich with opportunities, but not without its challenges. One significant yet unforeseen one has been ad blockers. These hurt publishers and advertisers. Yet, consumers believe they benefit from them, since it gives them more control over their online experience. Is this true? New research finds that ad blockers may also make it harder for new brands to break through and compete, which leads to greater market concentration.  Read the article.