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MSI Blue Ribbon Report Preview Charts the Future of MMM

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The practice of marketing mixed modeling (MMM) is increasing, research finds, partially because of the implementation of privacy restrictions. Today, finding appropriate providers to optimize marketing investments remains challenging. This was the impetus behind the Marketing Science Institute (MSI)’s Blue Ribbon Report on MMM. This free preview of the full white paper outlines what best practices to employ in a rapidly changing landscape. It identifies challenges for MMM veterans and ways to meet them. It also introduces executives to the opportunities that exist when introducing MMM into their firm. The report preview provides a brief overview of the top-level findings found in the full report, which is only available to MSI members.

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What are the Drivers Behind Metric Use in a Global Setting?

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Marketers are under increasing pressure to be accountable for their actions. Using metrics is a big part of how they justify their decisions across the organization. Increasingly, firms are becoming global entities. Yet, there is little to no research looking into what drives metric use across countries. Researchers in this study analyzed over 4,000 marketing mix decisions in 16 countries. Their report offers important insights for top executives who want to understand what is driving downstream managerial metric use.

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The Other Thread: The Debate About Cross-Media Deduplication

On June 28, media research pioneer and journalist Bill Harvey sent excerpts of his latest Media Village article to several of the industry’s leading media researchers. That article was entitled: Cross-Media Duplication Must Be Rigorously and Empirically Determined. What followed was a robust intellectual debate that outlines where the lines are drawn in the industry as far as whether virtual IDs (VIDs) can overcome issues of privacy and still provide an accurate account of campaign cross-platform duplication. We now share this jaunty and insightful exchange with our members.

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Perspectives on Measurement and Why it Matters

Reimagining the measurement ecosystem has never been more important as consumers continue to diversify how and where they access content. In a wide-ranging discussion on the state of measurement, Advertising Age’s Jack Neff discussed the impact and opportunities of investing in a multi-currency future for media and marketers with leaders at Paramount, John Halley and Colleen Fahey Rush. Below are edited highlights of their discussion.

Measurement & Currency Priorities

In a presentation on today’s measurement challenges, Jon Watts, CIMM’s Managing Director, called for industry collaboration to improve OTA and Local measurement. Read more »

What the Metaverse Means for Marketers

On September 21, 2022, speakers from Kantar, Meta, Next Media Partners, Snap, VMLY&R, Wunderman Thompson Intelligence and XRGuild shared insights into how the Metaverse will impact marketers. They discussed implications for interoperability as well as paid advertising.

Identity Resolution Solution – How Close Are We?

Few would argue that a solution for identity resolution is needed to effect cross-platform video measurement. However, connecting different digital devices to unique users and households is fraught with legal, technical, and organizational barriers. How likely are we to see some kind of interoperable ID system that all industry participants can and will adopt?

IAB State of Data Initiative 2020

The IAB Programmatic & Data Center examined the impact of the loss of third-party cookies and identifiers on the digital advertising ecosystem, particularly on brands and publishers. This report measures the industry’s sense of preparedness, expectations for revenue and data-driven tasks, and progress into leveraging first-party data. Two studies were executed, conducted by Ipsos and McKinsey, surveying and interviewing key data leaders across categories.