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Attention Events

Two events take place next week that are designed to help marketers create attention-grabbing and effective messages.

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Death Stars in the Media Universe

Evan Shapiro, CEO-Producer-Pundit-Strategist, ESHAP; Adjunct Professor, Fordham and NYU, shared his latest “Media Universe Map”, discussed the rapidly changing media landscape and predicted more corporate consolidation.

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NYCU: The ARF Universe Study of Device and Account Sharing (ARF DASH)

The ARF has completed a rigorous, single-source enumeration study whose purpose is to produce unbiased measures for assigning digital devices, streaming and e-commerce accounts to individuals and households. This includes cross-platform usage, co-viewing patterns, device and account sharing, as well as assigning different devices to the same household. The multimodal study generates a holistic view of capability and usage across digital devices and media, which is useful for estimating universes and addressing biases and gaps in census level data.
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CMO Briefs: Influencer Marketing: Best Practices, Trends & Covid’s Impact

Influencer marketing continues to grow ever more complex. Options are increasing and in today’s climate, striking the right tone with consumers is crucial. What consumers long to see is authentic relationships between brands and influencers. In just a few years, the paradigm has shifted away from a focus on major celebrities and toward niche, micro-influencers. So, while finding the right influencer is crucial, these complexities can make it challenging. Read more.

Influencer Marketing: Best Practices, Trends & Covid’s Impact

  • ARF Knowledge at Hand; CMO BRIEF

Influencer marketing has grown more complex over a short period of time, and Covid has accelerated its development. Options have increased significantly while setting the right tone with consumers is perhaps more crucial than ever before. What consumers want to see is authentic relationships between brands and influencers. And the focus has shifted away from celebrities and towards niche, micro-influencers. The following Knowledge at Hand and CMO Brief cover a recent Knowledge Center report looking into the current state of influencer marketing, what the trends are, how Covid has affected this phenomenon and best practices when putting together an influencer strategy.

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The Study of Device & Account Sharing: The How and Why

In the digital age, it is difficult to measure media usage on the individual level. Users may share multiple devices, have several profiles across and even within service categories. People share usernames and passwords with others to allow them access to their ecommerce or streaming media accounts. As a result, providers of digital services and research lack a consistent, reliable and efficient way to parse out the digital world at the user level. Now, a new study by the ARF aims to provide a solution. Read the article.