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New Research Insights on Viewers’ Behaviors and Attitudes 


A (virtual) event presented by the ARF’s LA Media Research Council took place on June 15. Titled ”New Research Insights on Viewer’s Behaviors and Attitudes” it featured four presentations focused on issues that the Council had identified as priorities: better data on viewers’ use of media and platforms, the growth of streaming and content discovery and promotion.

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Spillover Benefits of Online Ads

  • MSI

Email advertising can increase spending in actual, physical retail stores, new statistical tools show. If this is not uplifting enough for those who deal with such advertising, analysis published in an MSI working paper found something else surprising. The effects are highest among consumers with fewer recent interactions with that particular retailer.

How Do Consumers Respond to Ads that Mix Black and White Actors?


Many companies and brands increasingly incorporate racially diverse actors, often mixing Blacks and Caucasians in their advertising, yet not much is known about its effectiveness. New research explores how actor race and social tie strength—essentially the potency of the bond between the two actors—translate into consumer responses, with indirect effects on purchase intention.

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What Drives Consumers to Share Their Data in Addressable TV?


Addressable advertising on television enables better targeting and measurement of TV ad campaigns, but gaining access to consumer data is essential for its effectiveness and development. So, what can advertisers do to make people more willing to share their data? New research offers insights into developing personalization initiatives aimed at alleviating privacy concerns.

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