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What do Consumers Really Think?

Accurately measuring consumers’ beliefs and attitudes is more complex and difficult than we assume, according to several new books on misinformation and beliefs.   Read more »

The Media Universe

Evan Shapiro has updated his “Media Universe” chart. This is what it looks like at the end of 2023.   Read more »

2023 Attribution & Analytics Accelerator

The Attribution & Analytics Accelerator returned for its eighth year as the only event focused exclusively on attribution, marketing mix models, in-market testing and the science of marketing performance measurement. The boldest and brightest minds took the stage to share their latest innovations and case studies. Modelers, marketers, researchers and data scientists gathered in NYC to quicken the pace of innovation, fortify the science and galvanize the industry toward best practices and improved solutions. Content is available to event attendees and ARF members.

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Do Mobile Apps Lead to More Equitable Customer Service?

  • MSI

Is there bias in terms of remediating service complaints? Do customers in wealthier, more educated areas get their complaints resolved easier or more quickly? The researchers behind this Marketing Science Institute (MSI) working paper analyzed data from Boston’s 311 information system to find out. The paper finds that service complaints from highly educated census blocks are more likely to be resolved more quickly than those in less educated neighborhoods. However, mobile phone applications can reduce this gap by giving customers a standardized communication tool for filing complaints. Researchers used an instrumental variable approach to address endogeneity in mobile app use.

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What the Metaverse Means for Marketers

On September 21, 2022, speakers from Kantar, Meta, Next Media Partners, Snap, VMLY&R, Wunderman Thompson Intelligence and XRGuild shared insights into how the Metaverse will impact marketers. They discussed implications for interoperability as well as paid advertising.

How Cox Communications Leveraged Next Generation Measurement to Drive Organizational Change and Prepare for Uncertainty

Analytic Partners’ Trent Huxley interviewed client Mallory Fetters of Cox Communications on the telecom’s marketing measurement strategy. Dealing with constantly evolving challenges, both common and specific to its industry, Mallory expanded on how data deprecation, shifting consumer media behaviors, demand for faster speeds and growing consumer choice and competition rapidly accelerated Cox’s learning curve.

Attribution & Analytics Accelerator 2022

The boldest and brightest minds joined us November 14 - 17 for Attribution & Analytics Accelerator 2022—the only event focused exclusively on attribution, marketing mix models, in-market testing and the science of marketing performance measurement. Experts led discussions to answer some of the industry’s most pressing questions and shared new innovations that can bring growth to your organization.

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FTC Says: Stop Misleading Data Claims

“Companies that make false claims about anonymization can expect to hear from the FTC,” wrote Kristin Cohen, an Acting Associate Director of the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) privacy and identity division, in a recent blog post.

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Pandemic Parallels

ARF members contributed to a new book, Transitioning Media in a Post COVID World, which highlights some surprising parallels between the current pandemic and the 1918-19 flu pandemic.

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