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How Review Platforms Can Become Consumers’ “Trust Guardians”

  • MSI

Many ecommerce shoppers rely on reviews to help make their purchase decisions. But lately, the authenticity of these review platforms have come into question. Retailers have been looking for ways to increase trust in reviewers. One stumbling point, asking reviewers to disclose their identity can raise privacy issues. It also creates a positivity bias. Fortunately, there are actions review platforms can take to enhance customer trust while reducing the need for individual reviewer disclosure.

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Spillover Benefits of Online Ads

  • MSI

Email advertising can increase spending in actual, physical retail stores, new statistical tools show. If this is not uplifting enough for those who deal with such advertising, analysis published in an MSI working paper found something else surprising. The effects are highest among consumers with fewer recent interactions with that particular retailer.

Obstacles for the Metaverse

Nearly three-quarters of consumers say they have heard of the “Metaverse,” as of March, according to Marketing Dive. That’s a noteworthy bump in awareness compared to last July (32%). But familiarity does not equate to understanding. Read more »

Last Words on Day 1

Elizabeth Tarpinian (Senior Director, Consumer & Market Insight, Unilever NA)

  • “We feel we are in this incredible digital and technological revolution.”
  • “You have this context where the consumer is feeling trust issues.”
  • (There is a) “War for attention.”
  • “Continuous disruption where everything is massive, complex and it is moving….… (All of this) can feel unsettling….”

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How Brands Can Use an Endorser’s Smile More Effectively


A study on endorsers’ smiles in service-brand marketing brings new relevance to the slogan, “Service with a smile.” But which type is more effective, broad or slight? Researchers analyzed these two different types of smiles and found that they resonated differently, depending on how consumers relate to other people and the brand. Service marketers can use the study’s methods to more easily develop and test their spokesperson’s smile.

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