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Shoppers Like Explicit Donation Links in Cause-Related Marketing Ads


Companies increasingly target nonprofit web and social media followers by using cause-related marketing display ads on the websites of charity or nonprofit organizations. Two key formats are used: either transactional (representing an explicit donation amount that a consumer can make to the nonprofit) or nontransactional (representing online cause sponsorship). Which one is more successful? A new study has some answers.

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Do Sustainability Claims Help New Products?

  • MSI

Claims of sustainability may seem like a significant advantage for a product. But unless they are portrayed right, such claims often fizzle and anemic sales result. One of the consumer attitudes purveyors must account for is that such products sacrifice quality for sustainability. One way to offset this preconception is to highlight the product’s innovative qualities. Communicating the brand’s commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR) is even more helpful.

Appeal Predicts Gay Inclusive-Ad Outcomes

  • Bradley J. Bond and Justine Rapp Farrell (both at University of San Diego)

When gay couples are featured in an ad, advertising appeal can be more important than sexual orientation in predicting consumer behavior—specifically with intentions to purchase and recommend a brand or product—according to research at the University of San Diego.

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What Makes Cross-Media Advertising Effective in China?

  • June So Lee and Demetrios Vakratsas (McGill University)

Synergy benefits in cross-media advertising are well-known. Much less is understood about the combined effects of television and online media on individual-level buying behaviors. A study involving the purchase cycle in China found that TV ads were more effective after prior online exposure in driving purchases, but not vice-versa.

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Why People Don’t: Understanding Consumer Behavior


The ARF’s July 25, 2019, Salon offered profound insights into why people do the things they do, based on findings from behavioral science. Presenter and author Matthew Willcox shared insights from his book, “The Business of Choice,” highlighting some of its key points.

Experts Share New Shopper Marketing Approaches


Shopper marketing change is rampant! The good news: disruption is creating opportunities – not just challenges – and the industry is responding with new approaches to increase market share and revenue. Learn how leading brands and other experts are engaging consumers and building growth in this 2019 ARF SHOPPERxSCIENCE event summary.