Will Digital Ads Become Less Effective?

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A new study by Meta concludes that changes in how data is used in online advertising can have a significant negative impact on the effectiveness of digital ad campaigns. This research can help us understand what work the industry can prioritize to help advertisers in a privacy-conscious environment.

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The New ARF Privacy Study

The ARF’s latest Privacy Study, to be released next week, provides new insights on trends in consumers’ concerns and attitudes regarding sharing personal data. Read more »

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One Size [Does Not] Fit All Optimizing Audio Strategies for Success

What spot length works best? Audacy partnered with Veritonic to compare frequent radio listener responses to 15, 30 and 60-second ads across multiple categories such as auto, financial, retail and professional services to address this frequently asked question. Jenny Nelson (Audacy) and Korri Kolesa (Veritonic) presented the results of this study, which were measured by Veritonic’s audio score components such as attribute score, intent score and engagement score. This survey-based study of a panel of 2,400 radio listeners pointed to a variety of recommendations, such as initiating multiple 30-second ads instead of fewer 60-second ads, testing creative before launch and deploying a total audio strategy to reach omnichannel listeners.

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Overcoming the Diversity Gap in Mobile Gaming

The gaming team at Meta launched an initiative to better understand the perspectives of underrepresented gamers in order to share the importance of diversity with the mobile gaming industry. Their findings, Stephen Gray (Meta) pointed out, are just as applicable to advertisers outside the gaming industry. With gaming now, the world’s most dominant form of entertainment, Chloé Gingrich (Meta) noted that the gamers population is more diverse than ever before, encompassing a spectrum of ethnicities, genders, ages, sexual orientations and abilities. Their study used a combined qualitative/quantitative approach that looked at three gaming communities—ethnicities, LGBTQ+, women/non-binary gamers—in five markets (U.S., U.K., Brazil, Germany, & South Korea). With their research findings, the team explored three key themes: how inclusive environments help drive player engagement, key considerations for fostering diversity and inclusion within games and the gaming community, and the importance of authentic advertising.

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Apple ATT is Now Live. How are Brands Being Impacted, and What is the Path Forward?

Matt Voda, CEO of OptiMine, returned to the Insights Studio, on Oct. 5 to revisit the topic of Apple’s ATT changes and the impact they’re having on the measurement ecosystem. Matt provided an overview of Apple’s ATT changes from May 2021, with a focus on what changed, why and when. Given Apple’s impact—tracking going dark, rising CPMs and measurement holes—what are brands seeing? With tracking and privacy changing expected to move forward, how likely are they to impact brands even more? In terms of a path forward, what are practical steps to address the changes and determine a future-proof framework for brands in this new era of privacy?

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