Millennial Dads Are Very Involved With Their Children

Allison Mooney and Jenny Fernandez, writing for Think With Google, explore the involvement of millennial dads with their children.  They discuss a survey conducted by BabyCenter of millennial dads, ages 18 to 34, who are expecting or have a child under six years of age.

Finding include:

-Millennial dads are more involved in the day-to-day of childcare than earlier generations of dads.

-These millennial dads turn to the internet and mobile devices when they have parenting questions on such subjects as baby food, sleeping habits, child development, and baby products.

The need to market to dads as well as moms is outlined in greater detail in this article.

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Millennials Look to Facebook for Political News

Mark Joyella, writing for Adweek, analyzes the new report, Millennials and Political News, which was conducted by the Pew Research Center.

This online survey of almost 3,000 respondents reveals that Millennials favor social media for news about politics and government.  Sixty percentage of Millennials prefer Facebook for political news, in contrast to the sixty percentage of Boomers who trust local TV for the same news.

This preference by Millennials will have a strong impact on the billions of dollars spent in Federal, state, and local races by political candidates and by political action committees.  Local TV revenues will likely be negatively impacted as spending on social media increases during current and future political races.


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Customer Service and the Expectations of Millennials

A study from Aspect Software analyzes the customer service expectations of different generations.

Millennials expect a rapid and convenient channel for customer service interactions.  Texting represents an opportunity for brands to address the customer engagement preferences of Millennials.

Jack Loechner, writing for the Research Brief From the Center for Media Research, summarizes the findings from this study, which includes these points about Millennials and customer service:

-56% moved their business from at least one company during the past year due to poor customer service.

-More than 50% reported that their customer service expectations have increased over the past three years.

-69% feel good about themselves and the company they are doing business with when they can resolve a problem without speaking to customer service.

-This generational segment is more “experience-loyal” than “brand-loyal.”

An effective customer service strategy will address the preferences of Millennials for omni-channel support and self-service.

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How to Bridge the Generational Screen Gap

Millward Brown Digital found that while younger audiences consume less TV than older generations, the majority of consumers across all generations still rely on laptops or PCs. The study, which was cited in AdAge, also found that “for low-attention tasks, audiences prefer smartphones, but that as the amount of time spent on a task increases — usually after a five-minute threshold — so does laptop and PC usage for all groups. Screen size and speed were the biggest determinants of screen preference across generations.” Read more »

Millennials Value Experiences More Than Possessions

Research from Zenith Optimedia suggests that this generation “feels a growing affinity for brands that help them to take control of their lives and offer worthwhile experiences rather than more possessions.” The report, highlighted in Marketing Week, examines the factors that drive happiness in young adults. Among the findings: Read more »

The Year of Millennial Milestones

2015 will mark a year of major purchases and life experiences for Millennials, according to data from American Express’ Spending and Saving Tracker. This year, Millennials are more likely than older generations to: buy a car, start a new job, buy a house/apartment/condo, and take a leisure trip. Read more »

Hispanic Millennials and Mobile

A study released last month by the IAB and Pacific Ethnography revealed that Hispanic Millennials “control their mobile access in layers”. Close friends and family are allowed access to all primary modes of communication, (including email, text, social network, and some phone calls), while unwelcome brands are relegated to secondary or ‘junk’ email accounts. Read more »

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