DEI (diversity, equity, & inclusion)

Pharma Council FutureHealth Podcast/Webcast Series: Trends in the Patient Journey: What to Expect in the Next 3-5 Years

November 25, 2021 – Episode 3:  The Omni Patient Journey: The Role of Self-Service in Healthcare Access, a conversation with Claire Kane, EVP and Director of Strategic Planning at Wunderman Thompson Health, moderated by Seth Duncan of Real Chemistry and Marjorie Reedy of Merck (Co-Chairs of the Pharma Council).

One of the most prominent issues of the 21st century is how to make healthcare more accessible, and the pandemic is arguably the tipping point. While it exposed the consequences of continued fragmentation, inequities and the rising costs of healthcare, it also demonstrated how it’s possible to make healthcare accessible to everyone, everywhere. In this episode, we look at how to expand this accessibility going forward by rethinking the patient journey and the role of health technology.

Video Games, Livestreams, and Community: Understanding the Experiences of Diverse Gamers

On September 13, 2022, experts from Twitch, sparks & honey and MediaCom U.S. discussed the triumphs and challenges diverse communities in gaming are facing today. Although diversity in gaming has seen improvements in recent years, there is still work to be done. This event explored the role advertisers can play in making gaming and livestreaming even more inclusive. Panelists shared what brands can do to make a meaningful impact.

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How to Improve Prosocial Messages

Many companies have employed prosocial messaging and more diverse portrayals in advertising. New research explored if and how those strategies can improve consumers’ perceptions of brands and increase sales.  Read more »

New Lenses on Brand Identity

  • Summary by Hannah Stone (Verizon), Young Pros Officer

This ARF Cognition Council event explored how brands can improve consumers’ perceptions of their pro-social messaging based on insights from fresh analyses of data from a variety of sources. Experts from Ipsos, Dartmouth College and Research Measurement Technologies shed light on a diverse range of research on ways that brands can convey pro-social messages in their advertising.

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The ARF Diversity Report

The newly published ARF Diversity Report is a comprehensive summary of research on the state of diversity in the marketing industry, and how diversity affects company and marketing campaign performance.

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The ARF Diversity Report


The 2020 US census revealed that the United States is far more diverse and multiracial today than ever before in its history. Approximately 38% of the population belong to racial minority groups. The trend is expected to continue, which has resulted in companies increasing their focus on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI), both internally and in their marketing efforts. In order to inform member companies of where we are as an industry, as well as to offer best practices and actionable insights in their own DEI efforts, the ARF has put together The Diversity Report. The report is available for purchase, as a fundraising effort to support ARF WIDE.

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How to Use Genders in Advertising

Casey Hobgood, Associate Strategy Director at We Are Social US, argues that “…brands are still failing to address the whole spectrum of gender identities in their market research, campaigns and products.”

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The ARF WIDE Challenge

ARF WIDE’s mission is to develop and nurture the next generation of diverse talent in the research and insights industry. WIDE is designed to building a workforce that will make our industry better by representing the voices of all consumers.

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