consumer behavior

Effective Customer Engagement Tactics for Microblogging Platforms

Customer service problem resolution on microblogging platforms offers a way for firms to shine after interacting with customers or to leave a less than stellar impression. This study identifies key tactics for effective digital customer engagement and mitigating negative social propagation. The research identifies four frontline problem-handling tactics—resolving, reassuring, compassion and passion—and their impact on social propagation by followers. The study also highlights the importance of efficient problem resolution and communication strategies in digital marketing.

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Racial Minority Representation Increases Advertising Effectiveness in Mortgage Markets

Explore the impact of racial minority representation in TV advertisements on consumer choices in the mortgage market in this new MSI working paper. The study employed a double machine learning model to control for high-dimensional video and text features, ensuring robust estimates. Its findings reveal that higher minority presence can significantly increase TV advertising effectiveness.

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What do Consumers Really Think?

Accurately measuring consumers’ beliefs and attitudes is more complex and difficult than we assume, according to several new books on misinformation and beliefs.   Read more »

Young Consumers Keep Changing

Winning new customers sometimes demands letting go of your assumptions about consumer behavior. Case in point: teenage boys who love fragrance brands. Read more »

Values & Viewing

We know that political views impact choices for news sources – such as a viewer’s preferred news network – but little is known about the relevance of political views, values and attitudes for viewing entertainment programs.

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