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Sonic Branding is Back

The use of specific sounds, audio cues and music for branding is nothing new — it has been employed since radio became a mass medium. But as many marketers are rediscovering, sonic branding researchers are exploring best practices for today’s media environment.

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Super Bowl Ads Revisited

As all media are full of analyses, polls and commentaries, with this year’s Super Bowl ads, it is worth looking at research insights from past Super Bowls.

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Inside the Journal of Advertising Research: Sonic Branding, ASMR Engagement, and Who Wins in Activist Messaging?


At this Insights Studio, researchers in Europe, the U.K. and the U.S. presented work in relatively new fields that have high-impact potential for the advertising industry. Starting with a forthcoming paper on sonic branding, the authors described their ground-breaking framework for measuring the implicit effects of sonic branding using music to manipulate visual scenes in video, film and TV. Next, a deep dive into autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR)—a sensory-inducing device in ads—included strategies for helping brands collaborate with successful ASMR influencers. Lastly, a preview of an article to be published in the March Prosocial Advertising Special Issue showed how brand activism influences attitudes and purchase intentions, revealing a credibility gap between established activist brands and brands emerging in that space. Taking questions from Paul and from attendees, panelists in the concluding Q&A explored links between sonic branding and ASMR, the demographics of ASMR followers, ways for emergent activist brands to close the credibility gap with established activist brands, and future research possibilities.

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Drug Injury Advertising Can Lead to Adverse Outcomes for Patients

  • MSI

Although direct to consumer (DTC) pharmaceutical ads are highly regulated to avoid over-prescribing and misleading claims, legal commercials about consumers rights soliciting drug injury lawsuits face far fewer regulations. The researcher who wrote this Marketing Science Institute (MSI) working paper also found that exposure to drug injury lawsuit ads can result in patients filling fewer prescriptions and experiencing more adverse health outcomes.

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DEI in 2024

In addition to the ARF event, DEI and diversity were recently addressed by the World Federation of Advertisers (WFA) strategic partners in their forecasts for 2024 priorities and in a new Morning Consult study.

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The Seven Answers Every CMO Should Demand

On January 23, Ken Roberts, Founder and President of Forethought™, Mary Wilson Avant, Senior Consultant of Forethought™ and Elizabeth Windram, EVP, Marketing & Communications of CLEAR discussed the seven answers every CMO should demand, ranging from predicting change in market share, creating internal alignment between marketing and the rest of the organization, how generative AI can be leveraged, and more. Currently this content is only available to event attendees.

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Optimizing Marketing Strategies

Like “Better Measurement” issues, since the early days of marketing, this has been a topic that always requires a fresh look. Given the fast changes in all relevant factors, this is true now more than ever. 

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