Word-Of-Mouth Marketing Doesn’t Always Match Social Media, Online Results via MediaPost (source: Ed Keller, CEO, Engagement Labs)

Engagement Labs conducted research on some 500 brands going back to the mid-2015, calculating scores in each marketing area. It was found that some have disparate impact—performing well either on social media or word-of-mouth offline marketing, but not both. The report labels those marketers “social misfits.” For example, brands such as Palmolive, Corona, and Aveeno, tallied the greatest disparity—some of the highest offline word-of-mouth marketing results but low social media-online scores. Conversely, RCA, PayPal, and SunTrust garnered some of the highest social media/online scores—but the worst word-of-mouth offline numbers.

Among media brands, TNT earned the top offline word-of-mouth marketing score at 65, but a low 38 number for social media.

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What Influences Consumer Purchase Decision? WOM and Paid TV

Jack Loechner, writing for the Research Brief from The Center for Media Research, discusses Deloitte’s 2015 Digital Democracy Survey, which highlights the influencers of U.S. consumer purchases:

-More than 80% of Americans aged 14+ report that recommendations from friends, family or known acquaintances have a medium or high influence on their purchase decisions.

-Among paid media, television ads still command the broadest influence, according to 65% of respondents.

-Other paid media influencing purchase decisions include: in-theater ads, magazine ads, and newspaper ads.

-Unpaid influencers include: online reviews/recommendations from social media friends and online reviews.

-An endorsement from an online personality is approximately as influential as an endorsement from a celebrity.


Understanding the paid and unpaid media influencers of consumer purchase decisions is vital for marketers.


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