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Tactics and Challenges of Visual Marketing

Ayaz Nanji, writing for MarketingProfs, presents the results of a visual marketing survey of 204 marketers by Digiday and Chute.

-Professional photography is the best performing visual content type. 59.2% of survey respondents reported that professional photography is one of the visual asset types that performs best on desktops while 55% say professional photography is one of the visual asset types that performs best on mobile.

-Original graphic design/illustration ranks as the second best visual asset type for both desktops and mobile devices.

-User generated content, both images and videos, ranked third on this survey.

This survey found that 72% of marketers surveyed believe that visual marketing is more effective than text, and on average, visual marketing performed 4.4 times better than text.

Despite the knowledge gained from this survey, challenges face marketers:

-Lack of time and staff resources to create a constant stream of visual content.

-49% of marketers surveyed report spending at least 25% of their time on visual marketing.

-The content expectations have expanded to include videos, Instagram photos, Pinterest-optimized photos, SnapChatting with the brand community, and developing YouTube series.

-Difficulty maintaining timeliness and relevance of the visual.

-Complications related to obtaining approvals and the governance processes.

-Overuse of stock photography.

Addressing the above challenges and streamlining the visual marketing process will become increasingly important for marketers and advertising agencies.

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