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“The Science of Engagement” and The VAB Recommendation on Video Measurement

The Science of Engagement” – BBC Global News Ltd & BBC Worldwide

Content-led marketing is big business, but there are issues about how to best measure it. This paper combines traditional methods with neuro-science techniques (facial coding and Implicit Response Testing) to understand how consumers really engage with content-led marketing and what this means for brands – something that just can’t be measured by click-through rates.

Whilst facial coding has mainly been used to test video content, this is the first study of its kind measuring engagement with text based content marketing.



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The VAB Recommendation on Video Measurement

Given the literally billions of dollars involved, it is hardly surprising that metrics and measurement in the digital age is among the most contentious subjects in media research. Last week trade association VAB (the Video Advertising Bureau) announced a recommendation for making comparisons between “traditional” and digital platforms. 

The VAB, whose members include broadcast and cable TV networks, proposed that the industry use average audience as the basis for comparing video platforms (e.g. broadcast TV, Facebook, YouTube).

The method for calculating average audience is simple – multiple the unique audience (reach) by average minutes viewed, then divide that total by the minutes in the time period being considered. However, determining which approach the industry will ultimately adopt will likely be a more complicated task.


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