video comparisons

Nielsen-Backed Study Finds Higher Ad Recall for Shows Viewed On TV Vs. Other Screens – via MediaPost (source: Nielsen, for the CRE)

The study was commissioned by the Council for Research Excellence (CRE) which is comprised of Nielsen clients who utilize funds allocated by Nielsen to conduct independent research. Hub Entertainment Research was selected to execute the work.

Hub conducted a 15-minute post-viewing online survey with nearly 2,000 respondents. The results showed that 62% were able to recall half or more of the advertisers on a conventional TV set, compared with 47% for tablets, 46% for smartphones and 45% for computers.

Using a 10-point scale to measure “attentiveness”, 29% rated TV in the “8-10” range, vs. 23% for smartphones, 20% for computers and 17% for tablets.

The findings suggest that the experiential differences are due to two primary factors — the size of the screen that consumers were watching, and the role multitasking plays when watching TV content on each platform.

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