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What Drives Customer Online Engagement

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We have seen a significant increase in consumer participation in social media over the last decade. This can have a substantial benefit to firms. The problem is, while many consumers join platforms, they tend to spend less time on them over time. To have a sustainable social media marketing program, customer engagement must be maintained over the duration.

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The Value of True Candor

The hardest thing for most aspiring leaders and managers to master is giving clear, direct and sometimes very hard feedback to others, Jim VandeHei, CEO of Axios, writes.

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How Does the Digital Environment Impact Advertising Creativity?


Does the digital environment support or constrain advertising creativity? The answer is both. But how? Researchers in Australia relied on two seminal methods—the rigorous Delphi recruitment method through which research queried creative experts worldwide, and the Four P’s model of creativity. These were applied to investigate “place” (the digital environment) and its impact on the remaining P's: process, person and product. What they found was that technology both enhances and represses creativity.  

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The Post-Pandemic Jobs Recovery by Industry

Data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) show that the total number of U.S. jobs isn’t back to pre-pandemic levels — but some sectors are already bigger than in February 2020, Emily Peck writes for Axios Markets. Most ARF members are in sectors that are on the plus side, namely “Information” and “Professional and Business Services.” Read more »

The Only Number that Matters to CEOs

Proving the value of marketing means showing that the investment is paying off in faster business growth. The only number a CEO cares to hear is the incremental growth rate attributable to marketing. The rest is mumbo jumbo.

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Can Virtual Communication Curb Creativity?

A study tried to assess the impact of working from home and the use of videoconferencing on generating creative ideas. The researchers concluded that videoconferencing interferes with idea generation.  
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Strategies for Managing Internal and External Relationships


On April 7, the Women in Analytics Group held a mentoring meet-up about strategies for managing internal and external relationships. Ramla Jarrar, Founder & CEO of Mass Analytics and Therese Glennon, VP at Bristol Myers Squibb, shared best practices for building and maintaining relationships in-person and remotely. After the mini talks, each speaker met with half of the attendees and then switched groups to meet with the other half of the attendees.

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