Visual is Critical to Effective Storytelling

Jack Loechner, writing for the Research Brief From the Center For Media Research, discusses a new study from the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council.  This study entitled “From Content to Creativity: The Role of Visual Media in Impactful Brand Storytelling,” analyzes the belief by marketers that visual assets, including photography, illustrations, infographics, and videos, are core to customer engagement.  The marketers believe that the importance and use of visual assets will increase in the coming year.

However, this study, which was conducted in partnership with Libris, a PhotoShelter business unit, reveals that visual assets are not being fully leveraged across the organization. Causes for this disconnect include:

  • Only 27% of senior marketing executives have a process in place to aggregate, organize, and manage the visual assets being used across marketing and non-marketing teams.
  • 42% of these marketers feel that competing priorities prevent a focus on centralizing these assets.
  • The existence of internal silos.
  • A need for a larger budget allocated to visual assets.

Having a centralized visual asset management system provides many benefits, including:

  • Maximized ROI from customer experiences.
  • Alignment of teams around common brand visuals and assets.
  • Streamlining of creative processes.
  • Faster time to market for content.
  • Reduced waste created by duplication.
  • Mitigation of the risks associated with unapproved assets outside the brand value or message standards.

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