Time Spent on Social Media Is Growing via Broadcasting & Cable (source: Nielsen)

According to Nielsen’s Social Media 3Q 2016 report, 87% of adults have smartphones. Smartphones are even more ubiquitous among millennials—at 97% penetration. Smartphone penetration has also grown among the 50+ age group, up to 77%.

Millennials spent the most time on social media—6 hours and 19 minutes weekly or 24% of their total time spent on media (up 21%).

For adults 50+, media time spent on social media has jumped 64%. They now spend 20% of their media time using social media.

There were 14.2 million social media interactions about TV across Facebook and Twitter on an average day this fall in the U.S.

On Twitter 81% of the engagement with TV-related tweets come organically from audience tweets. The remaining 19% come from owned content.

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Pew: Smartphones Top Computers for 18-29 Year Old Consumers

John Eggerton, reporting for Broadcasting & Cable, provides highlights from a recent Pew Research Center report, “Technology Device Ownership.”  For the first time since Pew has been tracking device ownership, more young adults, 18-29 years old, own a smartphone (86%) than own a computer (78%).  Tablet ownership has also shown strong growth with young adults, rising to 50% in 2015.

Smartphone ownership for adults 18-49 and adults in higher income levels are close to “saturation adoption.”  The report did not find smartphone ownership differences by race or ethnic group.

Of the seven devices included in the Pew surveys, cell phones, including smartphones, are the most commonly owned device among all U.S. adults at 92%, followed by computers at 73%, smartphones at 68%, tablets at 45%, MP3 players at 40%, game consoles also at 40%, E-book readers at 19%, and portable gaming devices at 14%.

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The Addictive Power of Smartphones

Writing for Digital Intelligence Today, Dr. Paul Marsden discusses the addictive relationship consumers have with their smart phones that extends to the level of nomophobia (no mobile phone fear).  On average, consumers check their personal mobile devices about 150 times a day.

Among the statistics presented by Marsden:

-Attention spans have dropped to 8 seconds since 2000.

-43% of consumers abandon emails if they take more than 30 seconds to read.

-40% of people leave sites that don’t load within 3 seconds.

-32% require speakers to make their point in less than 15 seconds.

Marketers must respond to the consumer’s shrinking attention span and demand for instant gratification.


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