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Teens Influence Household Purchasing Decisions

The MarketingCharts staff analyzed the results of a YouGov Omnibus Parents Survey. This analysis focused on US teens and the considerable influence they have on the purchases made by their parents.

-96% of teens have some degree of influence on the apparel purchased for them.

-95% of teens influence the selection of a fast-food restaurant.

-93% of teens influence the purchases of their personal care products.

-78% influence the purchase of in-home entertainment content.

-45% influence which vehicle the family purchases or leases.

This study shows that American youth strongly influence many parental purchases.  According to the survey, pester power is the top tactic according to 71% of the parents.  Additional teen strategies include promising to do additional chores or earn better grades or offering to pay for some portion of the product desired.

The significant direct and indirect influence of these teens should be considered by marketers when developing campaigns both for teens and for products and services used by the entire household.

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