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“The Daily Show with Trevor Noah: Meet Your Target” – Comedy Central and a Trio of Visuals

When it was announced that Jon Stewart was departing The Daily Show, to be replaced by a relatively unknown bi-racial South African comedian, Comedy Central was faced with the challenge of keeping the core base of viewers while broadening the show’s appeal to bring in a new, younger, and more multicultural generation of fans.  

Additionally, Comedy Central sought to extend the show’s relationship with fans beyond the television to everywhere else people are consuming video content and interacting with the objects of their fandom.

We joined forces with the network’s marketing team, and ultimately developed a target audience of potential viewers, dubbed “Progressive-Minded News Consumers.” The methodology, results and implications will be presented at the conference.



Social Media

Courtesy of HocusFocus (source: e-Marketer)



Local Broadcast

Courtesy of HocusFocus (source: Broadcasting & Cable)

Largest US TV station groups – including US coverage, markets and overall number of stations.




Courtesy of Bloomberg (source: comScore interview)

This visual illustrates the challenging issue of double-counting cross-platform viewership. Examining only four devices requires isolating 13 different viewership segments (see below).

Of course this gets more complicated when additional devices become available.