Findings from the 2nd Annual ARF Privacy Study

The ARF conducted its second annual Privacy Study among 1,100 American consumers during the week of March 26th, 2019. The first study was conducted during the week of May 28th, 2018. Both surveys were conducted using a Qualtrics online sample and platform and were weighted to U.S. population estimates for age, gender, and region.  Read the article.

Findings from the 3rd Annual Privacy Study

ARF researchers surveyed 1,200 American consumers from April 24-27 of this year for their attitudes on privacy. There were several very interesting findings. For instance, while mobile use has steadily increased and PC use declined in the last two studies, this year’s survey finds a reversal in that trend. PC use is up, presumably, due to widespread stay-at-home orders.
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JAR: Consumer Reactions to Animal and Human Models in Print Ads

Animals have been used in ads effectively for decades, yet little is known about their effects on consumer reactions along the purchase-decision process. New research shows evidence of animals’ influences on different stages of the decision-making journey, with women reacting more positively than men. But the outcomes changed when human models were included in the ads.

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