When Are Dogs an Advertiser’s Best Friend?

  • Rohit H. Trivedi; Thorsten Teichert

Animals have been used in ads effectively for decades, yet little is known about their effects on consumer reactions along the purchase-decision process. New research shows evidence of animals’ influences on different stages of the decision-making journey, with women reacting more positively than men. But the outcomes changed when human models were included in the ads.

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How Political Ideology Drives Response to LGBTQ Imagery

  • Gavin Northey (Griffith University, Gold Coast Campus),

We know from prior research that different consumers give  different emotional responses to ads that show images of gay men and women. New research shows evidence that political ideology is a key determinant, suggesting that marketers consider geopolitical segmentation and targeting to reduce potential negative outcomes to sales.

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Measuring Cross-Media Use and Recall

  • Andrea Ciceri, Giulia Songa, Vincenzo Russo, Giorgio Gabrielli, Jesper Clement

Many studies have compared advertising effectiveness online and in print. Where that research has fallen short is in comparing the ways people divide their visual attention, specifically when using different devices and media. Here’s how a team of academics and practitioners took a neuroscientific approach to measured that response using biometrics.

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Meredith Corporation Makes the Case for Magazines

Editor’s Note: Jeffrey A. Trachtenberg, Wall Street Journal news editor in New York, interviews Stephen Lacy, Executive Chairman of the Meredith Corporation. Access to the full article is available by clicking on the link below.
WSJ: Why was it so important for Meredith to get bigger?
MR. LACY: In all conversations with our major advertisers and marketers, they’ve said they want to do larger cross-platform deals with fewer players. The ability to have a consumer audience that moves across all major adult life phases creates so many more opportunities. We now reach 200 million unduplicated consumers with 60 million unduplicated subscribers. (As you may well know, Meredith recently purchased Time Inc. Meredith also owns 17 local broadcast TV stations.)   Read more »