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Get the Intel on Artificial Intelligence

Some say Artificial Intelligence is a broad field that includes everything from simple if-then rules for playing Checkers to complex ensembles of deep neural networks for piloting autonomous vehicles. In marketing, AI is a term that is applied to several very different techniques and functions. However, the bigger questions are: how do you best implement AI and what are the commercial solutions?  Read More.

The Voice of the Customer Still Matters

Excerpts from ARF CEO & President Scott McDonald’s Forbes article on the voice of the customer
Market research used to rely primarily upon asking questions. The tools of the trade were surveys, in-depth interviews, focus groups, and some observational techniques derived from academic ethnographies. The best research practitioners refined their questions through experimentation to improve accuracy and reduce potential biases.
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Predictive Analytics Can Help Get More Value out of Data – via emarketer

About half of media executives in North America said they believe predictive analytics and modeling to be one of the most helpful technologies for getting more value out of data. Around 40% said that cross-channel measurement and channel attribution is helpful. And more than a third said that campaign measurement, which includes segmentation and audience selection, was another important technology.

Winterberry Group, in partnership with the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) and the IAB, polled 211 media and marketing executives primarily in North America and asked them to choose the top three technologies that they believe will be most important in supporting their efforts to achieve value from data in the future.

Turning Social Media Influencers Into Brand Advocates

Companies are challenged by the need to locate the right social media brand influencers and to craft the content that will turn these influencers into brand advocates.

Jack Loechner, writing for the Research Brief From the Center for Media Research, presents the finding of a report by SoftwareAdvice which shows how predictive analytics software can address these issues.

Key findings of this report include:

46% of marketers surveyed say they struggle to identify and communicate with social media influencers.

46% of marketers say they struggle to predict the preferences and behavior of social media influencers.

68% of marketers aren’t yet taking advantage of predictive analytics software.

Predictive analytics software can improve the brand’s advocacy-based social media marketing by enabling the company to identify key influencers and target audiences, and to generate user-centric content.

Dmitri Williams, founder of social analytics company Ninja Metrics, estimates that 5-10% of social media users are responsible for 60 to 80% of influence. Therefore, it is critical to turn these influencers into brand advocates.


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