Too Many TV Choices?

“Choice Paralysis” is a well-established concept that describes consumers’ confusion and hesitancy in making choices when there are too many options. Is this an issue for viewers of streaming services?  

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How Technology Impacts Media Use

We sometimes overlook the profound impact of technology on media use. New data show how smart TV technology continues to impact how consumers access content.  Read more »

Measurement & Currency Priorities

In a presentation on today’s measurement challenges, Jon Watts, CIMM’s Managing Director, called for industry collaboration to improve OTA and Local measurement. Read more »

Concurrent Track Panel Discussions: INNOVATION IN VIDEO MEASUREMENT

John Watts of CIMM moderated a panel examining presentations on innovations and changes in video measurement on day three of AUDIENCExSCIENCE 2022. The topics in this discussion included the decline in linear television, measuring new viewing habits, challenges created by the new viewing ecosystem and getting access to more personalized one-on-one data.

The Cross-Platform Measurement Shift: Content to Ad Exposure

Bob Ivins of TVSquared by Innovid, presented a discussion on the shift to cross-platform measurement in television viewing. In this presentation, the speaker examined the changes in consumer behavior in television viewership, challenges presented in metrics stemming from audience fragmentation, new platforms and new currencies in metrics. Additionally, the speaker gave key metric areas to consider in the era of converged TV.

ACR Data Uncovers the Inefficiencies of Linear TV Ad Delivery

In this presentation, Justin Fromm of LG Ads discussed how ACR data can help uncover the inefficiencies of ads delivered via linear television. In this session, the speaker examined linear TV as still playing a vital role for advertisers. Additionally, he pointed to changes in consumer viewing habits, shifting towards streaming. He noted much of the advertising industry’s focus is on incremental reach when placing an ad on television. Leveraging ACR data, the speaker demonstrated how this more robust data source can help improve optimal reach and frequency, when advertising on television.

Breaking Down the Garden Walls of Streaming vs. Linear

Based on new analyses of Nielsen’s data, including their new “Gauge” measure which includes streaming, Brian Fuhrer’s presentation focused on a new trend in viewer behavior “STRIVE”–Streaming Live or Linear Streaming–through an app.

Behavioral Marketing to Grow Streaming Services?

In this presentation James Lamberti, CMO of Conviva, discussed opportunities for streaming platforms because of their measurement capabilities, particularly behavioral segmentation. The speaker examined the features of streaming platforms and exemplified how data gleaned from these platforms can lead to deep audience understanding, providing a more personalized and customized experience for the consumer.

Track the Success: TV vs. Other Video Advertising Platforms

This presentation described the findings of a major ethnographic study (conducted in Germany, Austria and Switzerland) that compared the impact of video advertising on various platforms: TV, BVOD (VOD provided by commercial broadcasters), YouTube and Facebook.  The study used eye-tracking devices to assess attention to ads and unaided recall as impact measure.