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Both Brand and Client Research Contribute to Marketing Strategy

In order to communicate your company’s unique selling proposition and to ensure that it appeals to your target audience, as well as your current clients, it is important to undertake research about both your brand and your clients. Joshua Conran analyzes these ideas in a MarketingProfs article.

By researching your own brand, you will be able to discern your unique features or services. The goal of this information is to create, maintain, and grow a robust brand.

Intensive client research will provide insights into what current, former, and potential clients feel are your company’s strengths and weaknesses. Analysis of this information will reveal the opportunities, as well as the threats, to your brand. This information will also also shape your messaging to target groups.

Conran reveals how your marketing will benefit from brand and client research:

-You will capture an unbiased 360-degree view of your brand and clients.

-You will discover a better product-market fit.

-You can maximize your company’s potential.

A stronger brand, a more focused company vision, and higher revenue will result from this brand and client research.


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New Business Pitches-Success or Failure?

In an iMediaConnection article, Kevin Ryan, CEO of Motivity Marketing, discusses the 10 ways an advertising agency can lose a new business pitch.

Ryan advises advertising and marketing agencies to avoid the following actions when pitching a new client:

-Ignoring the details of the RFP.

-Promising to meet unrealistic key performance indicators and unachievable objectives.

-Providing extensive spec work before signing a contract.

-Reading the slides and ignoring the managers and employees attending the presentation.

-Failing to learn about the client’s business category and the potential clients attending the pitch.

-Assuming you know the business.

-Speaking down to the pitch attendees.

-Engaging in an overzealous approach.

-Taking powerful anti-anxiety medications.

-Failing to practice the pitch.

Ryan feels that a new business pitch combines art and science.  It is not simply a sales presentation.

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