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Challenges and Opportunities of Measurements in Mobile

As spending increasingly moves to mobile platforms, there is a critical need to accurately and independently evaluate audiences, media, and advertising. Joe Nguyen, Senior Vice President, Asia Pacific at comScore, analyzes the need for measurement in order to maintain trust and encourage growth in mobile media.

The author reminds readers that measuring mobile is especially complex due to the use of multiple devices by consumers.  Accurate measurement must address this fragmentation.

Three key criteria for measuring any market or platform must address the need for products that:

-are holistic and objective in measurement.

-deliver outputs and metrics that fit the needs of the entire ecosystem.

-have relevant scope but can be delivered at a viable cost for the market.

In a digital ecosystem, it is also important for measurement solutions to mirror or to be comparable across different geographies and to be comparable with different media. Nguyen also advises that measurement must be done on a person-level, including demographic targets, and must factor in the impact of non-human traffic, including fraud, as well as viewability and brand safety.

In addition, this article discusses the assets, systems, and methodologies needed to develop these measurement solutions.


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