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MMA Issues Guidance Report on Mobile Native Advertising

The Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) released a “Guidance Report on Mobile Native Advertising.”  According to MMA’s press release, the report includes best practices and highlights the unique power of mobile native advertising. In fact, when optimized for frequency of exposure, mobile native advertising performed as much as 10 times better compared to mobile display advertising at a similar frequency. 

Referring to the research of the MMA’s Mobile Native Advertising Committee, the organization’s Chief Strategy Officer Sheryl Daija stated, “As a result of these learnings and the insights from SMoX, we know there is greater attentiveness to the content, creating a need for different rules and best practices to maximize the performance of mobile native advertising.”

The report provides guidance in the form of specific actionable steps for both marketers and publishers. In addition, the press release provides a link to download the full report.


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The Human Connection and Purpose Driven Strategies are at the Forefront for Top Mobile Marketers According to the MMA

The Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) announced the release of the 2015 Mobile Trends Report.  The report analyzed this year’s winning campaigns from the MMA Smarties Global Awards and Cannes Mobile Lions, and found a focus by mobile marketers on “deepening human relationships and leveraging the best that mobile has to offer to do so.”

The Mobile Trends Report was developed by the MMA in partnership with Millward Brown.  The report cross-references case studies from MMA’s Global Smarties and Cannes Mobile Lion finalists, in addition to those on the short list, in order to identify the characteristics common to the campaigns, and to also identify the emerging, effective mobile marketing trends.

The prevailing theme in 2015 was identified by this report as purpose-driven strategies “rooted in human need.”

According to Sheryl Daija, Chief Strategy Officer, MMA, “In our analysis of this year’s winning campaigns from the MMA Smarties Global Awards and Cannes Mobile Lions, there was a consistent trend of marketers using mobile to spark real, human connections—brands using the directness of the mobile channel to demonstrate a deep commitment to their consumer relationship.”

Successful tactics of the winning campaigns included:

-Two-way conversations to allow for customization and personalization.

-Strong focus on social tools.

-Integrated approach.

-Executions supporting interactivity or co-creation and active participation.

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MMA Releases White Paper on the State of In-Store Beacon Technology

According to this press release from the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA), the organization has released the latest update from their In-Store and Beacon Working Group. This white paper, “Understanding the Beacon Proximity Landscape,” defines the beacon ecosystem and outlines the opportunities and challenges facing retailers, brands, publishers, and consumers.  The privacy imperative is also addressed.

Sheryl Daija, Chief Strategy Officer of the MMA, stated, “Together with our member companies that are at the forefront of location marketing, the MMA is taking the lead in helping all stakeholders understand the state of the technology and the magnitude of the opportunity as well as provide guidance on best practice privacy measures.”

The paper concludes that beacons are receiving significant attention and high adoption rates because of their ability to provide real-world insights and location-triggered mobile engagements. Implementation, measurement, and best practices are also addressed in this paper.

 The full white paper is available for downloading from the MMA.

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