mobile consumer behavior

Daily Android App Routines

Verto Analytics, Inc. provides insights into the daily Android app routines of consumers and considers the impact of these app routines on the industry.

Verto Analytics has found that:

-Mobile apps now account for more than 85 percent of time spent on mobile devices.

-Overall, Android app usage peaks on Friday, and then usage drops by 10 percent the rest of the weekend. Apps are more of a weekday activity.

-Among Android users, social networking apps capture a smaller audience on weekends than weekdays.

-Android entertainment apps, book apps, and reference apps run counter to this trend-they actually peak on the weekends.

-Finance app usage peaks on Friday mornings.

-Sports apps peak on Friday at midday.

-Android photo, video, and lifestyle app usage remains fairly stable throughout the week.

Marketers using Android apps in their campaigns should consider Verto Analytic’s findings.


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