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Interaction Helps Brands Stand Out in the Vast Volume of Video

Mike O’Brien, writing for ClickZ, points out that video has become a standard expectation for digital campaigns.  As a result, it has become more difficult for a video to stand out.  O’Brien explains that brands are increasingly making their videos interactive.  Consumers who feel actively involved with the brand via interactive videos will likely have longer and deeper levels of brand engagement.

Erika Trautman, CEO of Rapt Media, suggests that “creating an opportunity for engagement creates connections with the audience and makes them more likely to come back again.”

O’Brien highlights two companies that have effectively used interactive videos: Dos Equis and L’Oreal.  In the Dos Equis video, the viewer is a guest at the masquerade party, and interacts with the Most Interesting Man in the World.  L’Oreal provides a tutorial to teach viewers how to use its products in unconventional ways.

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