individual-centric digital marketing

Individual-Centric Digital Marketing

Marketers now have the ability to reach consumers with targeted and highly personalized marketing across devices. The rise of individual-centric digital marketing has transformed the way in which marketers address their audiences according to David Williams, CEO, Merkle, writing for iMedia Connection.

Marketers are able to blend the data and insights from both offline and online data. As a result, the targeted consumer can receive personalized recommendations and contextually relevant information.

Individual-centric marketing will drive additional sales and have provable ROI.

Successful individual-centric digital marketing will involve:

-Consistent targeting of users across devices.

-Less waste to ad fraud.

-The ability to bridge online and offline targeting.

-Better accountability and measurement.

-Respect for consumer privacy.

Individual-centric digital marketing will benefit both the consumers and the marketers. Consumers will receive more relevant ads and offerings, and marketers will be able to achieve higher measurement standards and overall accountability.

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