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Q&A with ESPN’s Artie Bulgrin: Research Has to Be Future Forward

In this Q&A with Artie Bulgrin, Senior Vice President Global Research and Analytics, ESPN, Charlene Weisler, writing for Media Village, discussed the concept, “Research Has to Be Future Forward.”  The issues covered during this interview included the impact of data on the role of research, ESPN’s involvement in programmatic TV efforts, cross-platform viewing trends, the development of industry standards for cross-platform measurement, as well as the future of research.

On the question of whether an industry solution for standard cross-platform measurement will be developed, Bulgrin replied:

We are getting closer, but the industry needs to do more work on education and gaining consensus for standardization. We have more companies than ever pursuing cross-platform measurement including comScore, Nielsen, Symphony Advance Media and Reality Mine, to mention a few. I am hoping this competition will lead to innovation and speed to market. But there are different definitions of cross-platform measurement out there and I’m not sure which will be supported by the industry. . .”

In response to Weisler’s question, “What do you see as the future of research?” Bulgrin replied:

“Research will become even more vital for revealing strategic insights and understanding human behavior in a future where the flow of data never stops. Researchers must become multidimensional in their skills to include technology, science and analytics. This was the main reason we created the ESPN Lab in Austin — to bring advanced science and methods to the study of media and advertising; an approach that gives us deeper insights on how people are interacting with media and advertising right now in order to be better prepared for the future.”

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