fragmentation of media

Just The Facts, Please — In Our Industry As Well As Politics – Dave Morgan, CEO, Simulmedia, featured contributor, MediaPost

The ridiculousness of many of the claims we hear on these very complex issues is certainly accentuated by the fact that our media world today gives highly visible soapboxes to an almost infinite supply of self-proclaimed or dubiously anointed “experts” with little or no regard for the veracity of what they say, or their qualifications for saying it.

The fragmentation of media has created echo chambers of sameness and self-selection bias that only makes things worse. This is a real problem that our media and news organizations need to solve, not just exploit.

Does it really matter if marketing industry rhetoric loses sight of facts sometimes, particularly when we have such big national and global issues facing us, where facts truly can be a matter of life and death?

Yes, it does.

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